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Protecting Choice

There is an attack on women’s rights happening in Alabama, Georgia and across the country. We must fight it everywhere, and defend women's right to choose.

So far in 2019, 28 state legislatures have proposed abortion bans — an average of two bans per week. Anti-choice legislators on the offensive with the express intent of challenging Roe v. Wade.

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California Wildfires

This fund offers support to victims from the 2018 California Wildfires.

5 Nonprofits California
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Support women fighting for equal pay, paid leave and opportunities to enter high-paying professions.

4 Nonprofits Nationwide
Last donation 6 hours ago

Leaders of Tomorrow

Despite talent & motivation many young people lack access to higher education.

3 Nonprofits Nationwide
Last donation 1 week ago

Diversity in Advertising

We need to change the perception that advertising is a white profession.

3 Nonprofits Nationwide
Last donation 2 weeks ago

Greener Cities

Climate change is real and we must act.

4 Nonprofits Nationwide
Last donation 1 day ago

Protecting Choice

The freedom to choose whether and when to have children is associated with a higher quality of life for women, including more satisfactory relationships and increased earnings.

9 Nonprofits Nationwide
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