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Philanthropy made easy

Here's how it works

ALMA is a platform for supporting top nonprofits. We create funds - portfolios of nonprofits - that you can support with a single monthly donation.

  1. Explore funds

    We've curated a list of funds around the top nonprofits.

  2. Join a fund

    Easily become a member by donating your time or money.

  3. Build connections

    Discover valuable volunteer opportunities and more.

  4. Grow your impact

    Invite your friends to join and watch your impact multiply.

Support a cause

ALMA makes it easy to support causes you believe in. You pick a cause and ALMA finds you great nonprofits.

Trusted nonprofits

Each nonprofit is vetted by ALMA. Out of over 1 million nonprofits in the US, we’ve invited less than 100 to be our partners.

Greater impact

Transparency makes giving better. ALMA provides updates on how your donation led to impact at the nonprofits you support.

Joining a fund

What is a fund?

A fund on ALMA is a collection of top-tier nonprofits working on a cause or issue. It’s like an ETF for giving. By making donations to a fund, you’ll support a portfolio of great nonprofits.

How do I join a fund?

Join any fund by making a donation starting at $10/month. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

What happens after I join a fund?

Each month, we’ll send your money directly to one of the nonprofits featured in the fund, round-robin style. After each donation processes, we’ll email you a tax receipt and a report on how your donation helps that nonprofit.

How does ALMA build funds?

We curate funds by:

  • Specifying the goal of the fund
  • Determining the most effective strategies
  • Evaluating & selecting nonprofits

You can explore all the ALMA funds here.

Have an idea for another fund? We’d love to hear it!

How does ALMA vet nonprofits?

There's no single measurement for determining the "best" nonprofits.

While many sites rank charities based only on their financial reports, we think this is limited and unhelpful. Instead, we’ve built our own framework, The ALMA Scorecard, as a holistic evaluation of nonprofits - looking at more than just the financials.

The ALMA Scorecard evaluates nonprofits based on their financials, impact, mission, reputation and values. We assess nonprofits across 28 variables - using metrics for financial health, commitment to transparency, quantifiable impact, and the strength of their communication.