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How to make the most of your ALMA profile

Nonprofit FAQs

ALMA is a donation platform empowering a new generation of philanthropists. Our platform has rich profiles for 1.4M+ verified nonprofits in the US, including yours!

Our approach at ALMA is to make your goals our goals. We succeed when we're helping you grow your donor base. You can use any of these tools below to accept donations online.

  • There is no ALMA platform fee (just the fee from the credit card companies), no setup cost
  • We support donations by credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more
  • You'll get a report each month on your donations

Our mobile friendly design allows people to donate easily, including with Apple Pay - and donors stay highly retained. The ALMA platform tracks all donations made to your organization.

Profiles for Every Nonprofit

Grow Your Organization With ALMA

Promote your ALMA page!

Share your profile on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to expand your reach. Your supporters will love the simplicity of your new profile and ease of donating, and they may even share on social media to drive more donations. Get started.

Integrate ALMA on your own website.

We provide you with the tools to add an ALMA donation button or embed a donation form directly to your own website.

Our donation page & checkout flow has been optimized to increase donations, and works across devices and browsers. In addition to credit card donations, users can donate with Apply Pay and Google Pay for a seamless transaction.

Share ALMA with potential fundraisers.

Harness the power of your top supporters by giving them tools to create their own fundraising campaigns - for board memebers, marathon fundraisers, wedding registries, or birthday events. Fundraisers can create sleek customized campaigns with goals, matching amounts, custom images, and more. Learn more..


How did my organization's profile appear on ALMA?

ALMA has profiles for each of the 1.4M+ organizations with verified 501(c)3 status based on the latest IRS data. The profiles by combine information from annual 990 tax filings, publicly available information and more.

Use our nonprofit search tools to find your organization by name or EIN number.

How can I "claim" the profile for my organization?

It's free to claim your page on ALMA.

Claiming your profile allows you and your team to edit and enrich your profile, such as customizing a thank you note for donors or providing guidance on the value of donations for your organization. After claiming, specify if you prefer checks or direct deposit, and access our insights and tools.

ALMA will verify you are part of your organization and approve your access before you are able to publish updates to your profile.

Does ALMA charge a platform fee?

No, ALMA does not charge any platform fee to nonprofits. Additionally, there are no set-up costs or monthly fees.

How does ALMA make money?

ALMA relies on the generosity of donors leaving tips on top of their donation.

What is the processing fee for donations on ALMA?

Standard processing fees apply to credit and debit card transactions.

For all donations processed on ALMA, we remit the highest amount possible to our nonprofit partners - 97%. The 3% we retain covers industry-standard transaction fees and will be deducted from the total donation amount.

For example, if a donor makes a $100 donation plus a $10 tip, ALMA will keep $10, our payment provider will keep $3, and $97 will be sent to you.

Transactions on ALMA are processed through Stripe and may be facilitated through an ALMA donor-advised fund by our partner Philanthropic Venture Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity (EIN 94-3136771).

How does ALMA remit payments?

Nonprofits have option to recieve donations by direct deposit or a mailed check.

What is the payment schedule?

For direct deposits: ALMA remits payments every month for all donations collected in the prior month, less any refunds or chargebacks.

For checks: To minimize overhead, ALMA remits payments every three months, or any month you have an outstanding balance of $250 or greater. The payment covers all donations from the prior period, less and refunds or chargebacks.

Does ALMA share donor's contact information?

We take donors' privacy seriously, so we leave this choice up to each individual donor. Users can choose to donate anonymously or to share their information with you.

Does ALMA issue tax receipts?

Yes, ALMA automatically issues receipts to donors immediately after every donation.

The receipts include a statement that the recipient nonprofit is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and that no goods or services were provided by the organization in exchange for the contribution.

What other tools does ALMA offer?

ALMA also offers an embeddable donation tool. This allows you to process donations directly within your website so donors don't leave your website. The emeddable widget fully integrated into ALMA, so if a donor already has an ALMA account their credit card information will be available to them.

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