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ALMA is the giving platform for modern philanthropists

ALMA is a giving platform that empowers modern philanthropists to make an impact by making it easy to give to and connect with the causes and nonprofits they care about.

There are three ways to use ALMA to make an impact


causes and ALMA-endorsed nonprofits


to a specific nonprofit or a fund bundled around a cause


a fundraiser of your own

Getting started

How ALMA Works

Donate to Any Nonprofit

You can donate to any of the 1.6M nonprofits in the US. Every nonprofit on ALMA is a verified 501(c)3 charity in good standing with the IRS.

Give monthly or give once

Recurring donations are the most effective way to support a cause you believe it. Most nonprofits strongly prefer a $10/month donor rather than $100 today!

A central place for tax records

Never search for a missing tax receipt again, since we’ll email you a confirmation receipt after each donation. We’ll keep all your tax receipts stored in your account and send an end-of-year summary. Tax season has never been easier.

Build Your Own Fund

To support multiple nonprofits, create your own fund on ALMA featuring as many nonprofits as you'd like.

Customize a fundraising campaign and invite your friends & family to join. Enrich your campaign with photos and your story. It's free to use and easy to create. You can match your friends donations, up to a certain limit.

Guided Giving with ALMA's Curated Funds

If you’re passionate about a social issue, but not sure which organization to support, explore ALMA's curated funds.

For a variety of topics from climate change to helping the homeless, we’ve vetted and selected the best nonprofits, so all you have to do is click to donate with confidence.