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Fri Apr 26 2019

Sharing the mental load.

Just this year, more than 4 million hourly workers now have access to paid family leave at Starbucks and Walmart.

Thu Apr 18 2019

Dignity Is The Word.

Not if, but how are we of service to the unhoused?

Tue Apr 16 2019

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Our quarterly review of what's happening in the Greener San Francisco fund, and celebrating the recent accomplishments of our featured nonprofits.

Mon Apr 15 2019

Five Months After The Fires.

Our quarterly review of what's happening in the CA Wildfire Relief fund, and celebrating the recent accomplishments of our featured nonprofits.

Sun Apr 14 2019

Lessons From The Shutdown

Our quarterly review of what's happening in the Gov't Shutdown fund, and celebrating the recent accomplishments of our featured nonprofits.

Fri Apr 12 2019

Sustainability is ‘a Hard Compromise’

Meet one of the women behind ALMA’s original sustainability fund, Greener San Francisco.

Wed Apr 03 2019

‘We Have Failed’ on Climate Change: April 2019

"We only get one home. We only get one planet." — Pres. Barack Obama

Tue Mar 26 2019

‘A Shower Is Transformative:’ Lava Mae’s Founder on Feminism & Philanthropy

If you don’t think of homelessness as a feminist issue, you should. We spoke with Doniece Sandoval, Lava Mae’s passionate founder, on how being unhoused affects women differently and the challenges women social entrepreneurs face.

Fri Mar 15 2019

Meet Two Women on the Gender Equality Frontlines

From representing women who face discrimination at work to funding women-led nonprofit organizations with grants, Noreen Farrell and Surina Khan’s work centers on improving the lives of women and girls.

Thu Mar 07 2019

13 Reasons to Be Optimistic on International Women’s Day

We profiled four women nonprofit leaders to learn what challenges they face and why their work makes them optimistic for the future of women and girls.

Mon Mar 04 2019

Announcing A Greener Chicago

ALMA's latest fund features 4 top nonprofits focused on sustainability in the Chicago region, in partnership with Allbirds. From school gardens to protecting the Chicago River, these organizations make our city greener and cleaner.

Thu Feb 14 2019

6 Black Changemakers You Should Know

These committed men and women made important discoveries and advancements while working to foster the best of our society’s values: justice, freedom and equity.

Wed Jan 16 2019

How Do I Help Federal Workers During the Government Shutdown?

More than three weeks into 2019’s partial government shutdown, many rank and file employees have not been paid in weeks.

Mon Dec 10 2018

How to Choose Local Charities to Donate (& What We Look For)

Here’s how we suggest the best local charities for you to support.

Wed Nov 21 2018

Holiday Giving for Millennials

Check out these practical pointers for holiday giving, so you know your time and money are spent wisely.

Mon Nov 19 2018

Coming Together to Support Wildfire Relief

The wildfires in California this month have been the most deadly and destructive in state history, with 200,000 acres burned, killing more than 70 people and destroying thousands of homes. The community has come together to support victims & relief efforts.

Tue Sep 04 2018

Announcing: A Greener San Francisco

ALMA's latest fund features 4 top nonprofits protecting the environment in San Francisco. Get involved if you're a fan of bike lanes, biodiversity or keeping this city by the bay beautiful.

Tue Aug 21 2018

Charity vs Philanthropy

There’s a lot of words out there that can seem similar: charity, giving, donating, philanthropy, volunteering. It can seem intimidating to know what’s what or what you’re supposed to do. What do they all mean, and what’s the difference?

Mon Aug 20 2018

6 Steps to Becoming a Philanthropist

Philanthropy doesn’t mean you need to donate billions, millions or even hundreds. Starting small is how most people get started. Anyone can be a philanthropist.