Wed Jan 16 2019

How Do I Help Federal Workers During the Government Shutdown?

More than three weeks into 2019’s partial government shutdown, many rank and file employees have not been paid in weeks.

How Do I Help Federal Workers During the Government Shutdown?

We’re all looking for ways to help, so we’ve put together an emergency fund so these workers get access to money for rent and bills, plus cooked meals and groceries in the Washington region where the majority of federal workers live.

Support the fund with as little as $10.

We’ve chosen 3 reputable non-profits to donate money to: The United Way of National Capital Area, Capital Area Food Bank and World Central Kitchen

The partial shutdown of the United States government has dominated news headlines as elected officials from both major parties fail to reach an agreement about funding the national government. One consequence of the shutdown — 33 days long as of Jan. 24 — is many employees of federal agencies are either furloughed, which means placed on unpaid leave, or working without pay. According to the Washington Post, the following agencies are shutdown: Homeland Security, Justice, State, Agriculture, Treasury, Interior, Transportation, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development and the Environmental Protection Agency.

As a result, lots of government workers across the nation and abroad are struggling to survive without money, including making tough decisions about how to pay bills and feed families. Some aid organizations are enacting emergency mode to accommodate the inflated need, WUSA9 reported.

Are you wondering how to help workers in need? Make a one-time donation or choose to donate monthly.

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