Fri Apr 26 2019

Sharing the mental load.

Just this year, more than 4 million hourly workers now have access to paid family leave at Starbucks and Walmart.

Sharing the mental load.

Quarterly Digest // women@ // April 2019

Wow, an astounding 367 of you have joined ALMA's women@ fund in the last week, sharing a belief that women deserve equal opportunities at work. I'm so excited to see what we're able to do together.

Did you read the article earlier this year about millennial burnout? It was flying around in my group texts, in the office, and seemingly everywhere. I guess it struck a nerve. For me though, the part that really stuck was the "mental load" which often falls on women, particularly new mothers, and often goes unnoticed and unrecognized.

Demanding careers, raising a family, or investing in your side hustle - all of these take serious time, energy, and more than anything - a support system.

Support systems are top of mind for me right now, especially a la parental leave. It's relevant as my co-founder Dan is on paternity leave bonding with his newborn (5 day old!) baby. I only hope all new parents can enjoy this type of supported time off from their jobs.

Paid leave is a hot-button issue for Americans now, and for very good reason. We’re the only developed nation without mandated parental leave for new families. While many office workers enjoy a few weeks of leave, it’s uncommon for retail and fast-food workers to be offered the same benefits and. (This recent New York Times story has a lot of good information if you want to dig in!)

Paid Leave for the US (PL+US), part of this fund, fights for paid leave for everyone - mothers, fathers, caretakers. Just this year, more than 4 million hourly workers now have access to paid family leave at Starbucks and Walmart.

While I'm optimistic about the progress we've seen in recent months, there's oh so much left to do. As always, please share your thoughts on ALMA and what you'd like to accomplish together.


Michelle, Cofounder of ALMA

What we’re celebrating

A few recent highlights from the nonprofits featured in our women@ fund...

AOC Praises Girls Who Code

GIRLS WHO CODE • Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “The young women of the 14th District showed firsthand today what is possible when we empower young women in computer science. Girls Who Code is not only pushing to make the technology industry more just and inclusive, but also equipping our girls with the skills they need to code the future they want to live in.” Watch.

Nearly 5 Million Hourly Workers Earn Paid Leave

PL+US • Thanks to advocacy by Paid Leave US, 4 million+ hourly workers of Walmart and Starbucks may now earn paid time off, starting in January. More.

28 Days of Tech Careers

ANITAB.ORG • Awareness is the first step to more women in tech, so spent nearly a month offering education and answering questions about less-known careers for women in tech last March, including database administrators and reliability engineers. More.

The Farm Workers #MeToo

EQUAL RIGHTS ADVOCATES • Congress got an earful from a group of nonprofits representing The Bandana Project about alarmingly high rates of sexual violence against farmworker women & other low-paid women workers. According to ERA, 90% of farmworker women interviewed in California said harassment is a major workplace issue.More.

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