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Boston, MA • Greater Boston’s community foundation, working in partnership with donors to build and sustain a vital, prosperous city and region.

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Boston Foundation is a foundation community foundation. With $225m in revenue and 132 employees, it is a relatively large organization. Founded in 1997, Boston Foundation is headquartered in Boston, MA. The organization is notable for its healthy financials, spending 90% directly on its programs. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $151m.

This profile was created with publicly available data obtained from the Internal Revenue Service and the nonprofit organization’s website. ALMA has no affiliation with this organization and has not independently verified this information or otherwise vetted the charity.

Boston Foundation


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Boston Foundation

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Mission and Work


As Greater Boston's community foundation, the Boston Foundation devotes its resources to building and sustaining a vital, prosperous city and region, where justice and opportunity are extended to everyone. The Foundation fulfills this mission in three principal ways: (1) Making grants to nonprofit organizations and designing special funding initiatives to address this community's critical challenges;(2) Working in partnership with donors and other funders to achieve high-impact philanthropy; and (3) Serving as a civic hub and center of information, where ideas are shared, levers for change are identified, and common agendas for the future are developed.

Value Statement

$136m annual program spend • The Arts and Culture impact area supports a creative culture that honors all voices and artistic expressions & opportunities for all Bostonians and communities to experience diverse art's arts and culture scene reflects the demographics of its population. Diverse artists and organizations thrive and are valued and recognized. The vibrancy, vitality, fabric and texture of city life will be elevated. Economic, social and physical barriers will be lessened.Strategies: - Support a thriving artist ecology - Advocacy and policy - Create animated and inclusive open, public spaces.2. The Education impact area works to ensure that all Greater Boston residents can access the education and training they need to succeed in our regional economy. Beginning in early childhood, and continuing through K12 to postsecondary success and connection to workforce, we strive to ensure access to quality education that prepares students for success.Strategies: - Early childhood - K-12 - College completion3. The Health and Wellness impact area promotes and advances health equity, conditions in which everyone has the opportunity to attain their best health regardless of their identity or socioeconomic status. We catalyze efforts to meet the needs of underserved residents leading to improve health outcomes and increased quality of life and proactively leverage our platform and resources to build diverse partnerships.Strategies: - Obesity prevention - Social determinants of health - Stress and health4. The Jobs and Economic Development impact area stimulates the growth of generational wealth by supporting organizations providing opportunities for family-sustaining careers and equitable entrepreneurship.Strategies: - Workforce development - Inclusive entrepreneurship - Innovation5. The Neighborhoods and Housing impact area's goal is that all residents of Greater Boston have a safe, affordable and decent home in healthy thriving neighborhoods. As well, all residents will have increased options for renting and owning homes in all communities of Greater Boston. They will have supports to help them keep their homes, raise their families and realize their fullest potential.Strategies: - Increase the supply of housing - Housing stability and access - Thriving neighborhoods6. The Nonprofit Effectiveness cross-cutting strategy strives to accelerate social change by strengthening Greater Boston organizations and leadersStrategies: - Build infrastructure - Provide resources7. The Grassroots crosscutting strategy connects TBF with key programs and innovative leaders, many of whom represent communities that have been historically excluded from philanthropy, institutions and other services. TBF will deepen our understanding of our targeted communities and better partner with and serve those communities.Strategies: - Activating leaders - Seeding ideas - Deepening connections.

Program 2

Carry out and evaluate philanthropic programs for individual donors, families, foundations, and corporations. Encourage a positive climate for philanthropy and actively promote effective giving through work with community foundations, Regional Associations of Grantmakers and others. Strategy, combined with the values and passionate concerns of donors, brings about giving that makes a difference.

Where their money goes

Grants made

These are some of the grants Boston Foundation has made in recent years to other charities.

Educational Organization

University of Utah

Salt Lake Cty, UTUniversity of Utah is a educational organization private school. Founded in 1963, University of Utah is headquartered in Salt Lake Cty, UT.
1 grant(s) totaling $2.0m


Boston Ballet

Boston, MABoston Ballet is a nonprofit focused on ballet. With $38.2m in revenue and 683 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
3 grant(s) totaling $3.9m

Educational Organization

Amherst College

Amherst, MAAmherst College is a educational organization undergraduate college. With $414m in revenue and 3371 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
2 grant(s) totaling $5.1m


National Philanthropic Trust

Jenkintown, PAWe make it easier to achieve your philanthropic goals. We work with donors, advisors, financial institutions and foundations. Find out how we can help you
1 grant(s) totaling $2.7m

Educational Organization

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NYSyracuse University, founded in 1870 and comprised of thirteen schools and colleges, is a private research university in the heart of New York State.
2 grant(s) totaling $2.1m

Educational Organization

Barnard College

New York, NYBarnard College is a educational organization undergraduate college. With $306m in revenue and 2732 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
1 grant(s) totaling $2.6m


Pinnacle Leadership Foundation

Boston, MAPinnacle Leadership Foundation is a foundation focused on education. Founded in 2010, Pinnacle Leadership Foundation is headquartered in Boston, MA.
1 grant(s) totaling $24.9m


Maine Community Fdn

Ellsworth, MEMaine Community Fdn is a foundation community foundation. With $60.4m in revenue and 40 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
4 grant(s) totaling $1.9m

Educational Organization

Simmons University

Boston, MASimmons University is a nationally recognized private university, offering the only undergraduate program for women in Boston and numerous graduate programs open to all.
4 grant(s) totaling $1.9m


United Way of Massachusetts Bay

Boston, MAUnited Way of Massachusetts Bay is a foundation focused on philanthropy. With $48.0m in revenue and 170 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
4 grant(s) totaling $5.2m

Educational Organization

Tulane University

New Orleans, LATulane University is a educational organization university. With $1.2bn in revenue and 10909 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
2 grant(s) totaling $2.1m


Primary Care Progress

Cambridge, MAPrimary Care Progress is a foundation private operating foundation. With $2.3m in revenue and 18 employees, it is a mid-sized organization.
4 grant(s) totaling $3.1m

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