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Unicef Usa is a foundation related to united nations association. With $567m in revenue and 303 employees, it is a relatively large organization. Unicef Usa is headquartered in New York, NY. The organization is notable for its healthy financials, spending 88% directly on its programs. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $548m.

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Recent tax return data

Mission and Work


The Organization's mission is to support programs through fundraising, advocacy and education that provide lifesaving medicines, better nutrition, clean water, quality basic education and emergency relief to children, women and communities in over 190 countries and territories. The Organization partners, in coordination and planning, with voluntary agencies engaged in child relief to create a better world for children.

Public Information

$19.3m annual program spend • The USF has reached hundreds of thousands of supporters through issue oriented videos, television and public radio service announcements, a variety of publications, the internet via our website (www.unicefusa) and other Mobile devices. The various USF communication teams work hard to educate the public about the challenges facing the worlds children which is the global mission of UNICEF. This year millions of children joined adult volunteers to support our trademark fundraiser Trick or Treat for UNICEF. Tens of thousands of companies and individuals were informed about UNICEF through the greeting cards program, the TAP project and various special events. Educators using TeachUNICEF resources to increase awareness of the programs and activities of UNICEF. Through the UNICEF Kid Power program, kids are empowered to help other kids by being active, they can help feed hungry children. Every kid who participated in the UNICEF Kid Power Program received a blue band that they wore all the time. The band tracked how many steps these children took through out the day. Those steps earned kid power points used to unlock ready to use therapeutic food to help save children's lives.

Program 2

$462m annual program spend • Grants to UNICEF and Other Non-Government Organizations: The Board of Directors of the US Fund for UNICEF has authorized grants to the United Nations Childrens Fund and other Non-Government Organization assisted projects from contributions and in-kind gifts received by the USF. These grants were used by UNICEF and other NGOs in more than 190 countries and territories solely for those assistance projects approved by the board of directors. UNICEF HIV/AIDS projects included preventing HIV infection in young people, mother to child transmission and protection, care and support for orphans and children in families made vulnerable by HIV AIDS. UNICEF childhood immunization work included projects to prevent measles, polio, tuberculosis and maternal and neonatal tetanus in impoverished areas. UNICEF girls education projects included those designed to increase the number of girls in school in countries where girls lag behind boys in enrollment, training female teachers, improving girls safety, providing appropriate girls facilities and promoting curriculums and learning environments that are free of gender bias. UNICEF nutritional projects were implemented that focused on proper nourishment for both children and mothers that included providing Vitamin A supplements to strenthen immune systems and preventing iodine deficiency which can cause brain damage and physical retardation. UNICEF and USF also assisted a number of emergency situations by providing clean water, medical supplies, basic health services, educational and recreational supplies. USF supported UNICEF's Global Polio Eradication Initiative activities by piloting the introduction of oral cholera vaccines in emergency settings; scaling up routine immunization; support for the Countdown to 2015 and 2030 for Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival, and scaling up community approaches to total sanitation. USF also supported UNICEF's Schools for Africa and Asia Initiatives including support for water and sanitation and hygiene interventions in schools, teacher training and school materials and improvements and improving access to quality education.


$2.5m annual program spend • Through USF's Office of Public Policy and Advocacy in Washington D. C., the USF acts as an advocate for the well being of the world's children. One of the special functions of the Public Policy Office is to advise both the Administration and Congress on the needs of the worlds children. Through the advocacy efforts of USF, the U S Government allocated $132.5 million to UNICEF in 2017. The U S Government funding is provided directly to UNICEF and is not reflected as revenue in Part I.

Where their money goes

Grants made

These are some of the grants Unicef Usa has made in recent years to other charities.


Special Olympics

Washington, DCSpecial Olympics is a nonprofit focused on the special olympics. With $136m in revenue and 204 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
3 grant(s) totaling $307k


Hispanic Federation

New York, NYHispanic Federation is a nonprofit focused on nonprofit management. With $29.7m in revenue and 92 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
1 grant(s) totaling $1.0m

Educational Organization

Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MDJohns Hopkins University is a educational organization university. With $7.1bn in revenue and 43925 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
2 grant(s) totaling $2.3m


Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Atlanta, GAProviding millions of kids and teens a safe place to develop essential skills, make lasting connections and have fun.
1 grant(s) totaling $2.6m


Rotary International

Evanston, ILRotary International is a nonprofit focused on foreign affairs and national security. With $413m in revenue and 281 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
3 grant(s) totaling $120k


International Rescue Committee (IRC)

New York, NYWe respond to the world’s worst humanitarian crises & help people to survive, recover, and gain control of their future.
2 grant(s) totaling $230k


MHA Greater Houston

Houston, TXDriving Community Solutions to Promote Mental Health for All
1 grant(s) totaling $252k


Active for Good

Los Angeles, CAActive for Good is a nonprofit focused on nutrition programs. With $811k in revenue and 12 employees, it is a relatively small organization.
3 grant(s) totaling $4.0m



Seattle, WAWe are a global team of innovators working to accelerate health equity so all people and communities can thrive.
1 grant(s) totaling $129k

Educational Organization


Washington, DCTostan is a educational organization focused on international development and relief services. With $6.0m in revenue and 10 employees, it is a mid-sized organization.
2 grant(s) totaling $350k


Children's Defense Fund

Washington, DCA strong, effective, independent voice for all the children of America
1 grant(s) totaling $125k

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