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New York, NY • Robin Hood's mission is to fight poverty in New York City.

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Robin Hood is a foundation focused on philanthropy. With $133m in revenue and 149 employees, it is a relatively large organization. Founded in 1989, Robin Hood is headquartered in New York, NY. The organization is notable for its healthy financials, spending 90% directly on its programs. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $142m.

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Robin Hood


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Robin Hood

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Mission and Work


Robin Hood is New York citys largest poverty-fighting organization. Robin Hood finds, funds and creates programs that generate meaningful results for New York citys poorest residents. Incorporated in New York state in 1988, Robin Hood is a not-for-profit public charity that is committed to lifting New York city households out of poverty measurably and sustainably. Every year, Robin Hood funds more than 200 of New York citys most effective non-profit organizations. The board of directors covers all the organizations overhead, so 100% of all unrestricted donations from the public go directly to organizations helping new yorkers in need. Robin Hoods fight against poverty is focused on two fronts: 1. Meeting urgent needs - which involves funding organizations that provide food, shelter and health care to poor new yorkers. 2. Helping people get themselves and their families out of poverty, which is the key to ending generational poverty - in which Robin Hood funds work around education, ear.

Core Grant Making

$126m annual program spend • Robin Hood made cash grants to organizations in four areas: education; early childhood and youth; jobs and economic security; and, survival, which primarily addresses hunger, homelessness and health. Robin Hood provides more than 200 organizations with program grants, general operating support, capital grants, and funds to build capacity and deepen services and management strength. Robin Hood's grantmaking staff evaluated organizations applying for funds to determine grant recommendations and develop initiatives in response to unmet needs. these assessments included visits to each organization, interviews with program administrators, staff and participants, evaluation of historical results and financial review. initiatives funded by Robin Hood included programs to build high-performing public charter schools throughout New York city; targeted outreach aimed at helping newly discharged veterans (and their families) receive job training and job placement assistance, physical and mental health care, education, housing assistance, and other needed services. Robin Hood funding also provided public benefits screening and counseling, and helped poor New Yorkers claim tax credits to which they were entitled. Robin Hood helps our nonprofit partners innovate against the unique challenges that immigrant new yorkers face in building lives out of poverty. Our work in this area helps ensure that immigrants are able to access high-quality healthcare, jobs and legal services, so that they can build foundations for better lives in the united states. Robin Hood seed-funded immigrant justice corps, which, at its launch, was the largest expansion of immigration legal services in New York city's history. We launched icare and the terra firma clinic, a new legal collaborative and a new health clinic to support the influx of child refugees from central America. we've helped New York city create its first immigrant-focused job center. and we've helped the city design and implement a new program to improve uninsured immigrants' access to healthcare, one of the only such models in the country.

Management Assistance

$890k annual program spend • Robin Hood protects and leverages its charitable investments with expert management and technical assistance. The goal is to bring best-in-class resources to solve our partners' most pressing strategic and operational challenges. We work in nine main areas: governance, strategy, human capital, marketing, fundraising, finance, legal, technology and real estate. Consulting is delivered by Robin Hood's internal consulting team, corporate pro-bono partners and technical assistance grants. Robin Hood also provides training for the staff and board members of its grantees. Examples include developing a strategic plan to ensure effective resource allocation, streamlining a financial reporting system to manage costs or designing an effective website to enhance fundraising. In 2017, we completed 103 projects for 70 nonprofit partners. We granted $800,454 and provided pro-bono services valued at $4.7 million. We placed 44 professionals on nonprofit governing and auxiliary boards.

Capital Grants

$356k annual program spend • Robin Hood awards grants for capital projects that are designed to expand and enhance the programs funded through the foundations core grant making. In 2017, Robin Hood awarded capital grants to four organizations. In doing this work, staff undertakes a review of the need and organizational capacity to undertake a capital project and provides on-going technical assistance as needed to ensure successful outcomes.

From Robin Hood's website

In their words


Our team includes PhDs, attorneys, nonprofit leaders, government officials, and management experts. Also, musicians, actors, journalists, yoga instructors, ski bums, and chefs. We come from a variety of backgrounds, but we all share a common commitment to helping low-income New Yorkers escape poverty’s grasp.


So much of our ambition as an organization is thanks to our distinguished board. The dedication at the board level is unsurpassed, as evidenced by their personal and financial commitment: all administrative costs are underwritten by our board members so that 100% of your donation is used to save lives.


A career at Robin Hood or one of our partner organizations requires a passion for taking on poverty in New York City: those who thrive in a demanding, fast-paced environment. Our team is creative, collaborative, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. And we like to have fun while doing it.

Where their money goes

Grants made

These are some of the grants Robin Hood has made in recent years to other charities.


Kipp New York

New York, NYKIPP NYC Public Schools educates nearly 6,000 students across 15 free public charter schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, and Washington Heights.
3 grant(s) totaling $7.4m


Fifth Avenue Committee Incorporated

Brooklyn, NYFifth Avenue Committee Incorporated is a nonprofit focused on area development and redevelopment of renewal. With $6.9m in revenue and 124 employees, it is a mid-sized organization.
3 grant(s) totaling $5.9m


Success Academy

New York, NYSuccess Academy Charter Schools provides high quality public education in New York City.
3 grant(s) totaling $6.0m


SCO Family of Services

Glen Cove, NYSCO gets young children off to a good start, launches youth into adulthood, strengthens families and unlocks potential for people with special needs. Extraordinary reach. Unconditional care. Life-changing results.
3 grant(s) totaling $8.4m


Single Stop

New York, NYSingle Stop is a nonprofit focused on fundraising related to human services. With $21.9m in revenue and 89 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
3 grant(s) totaling $44.8m


Children's Aid

New York, NYChildren's Aid is a nonprofit focused on children's and youth services. With $131m in revenue and 2667 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
3 grant(s) totaling $10.0m

Educational Organization

Achievement First

Brooklyn, NYA network of public charter schools located in Connecticut, New York (Brooklyn), and Rhode lsland proving what's possible when potential meets opportunity.
3 grant(s) totaling $6.8m


Grameen America

New York, NYGrameen America is dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women who live in poverty build businesses to enable financial mobility.
3 grant(s) totaling $6.3m



New York, NYMDRC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan education and social policy research organization based in New York City and Oakland, CA.
3 grant(s) totaling $13.4m


Immigrant Justice Corps

New York, NYImmigrant Justice Corps (IJC) is the country’s first fellowship program dedicated to meeting the need for high-quality legal assistance for immigrants seeking citizenship and fighting deportation.
3 grant(s) totaling $6.4m


Robin Hood

New York, NYRobin Hood's mission is to fight poverty in New York City.
1 grant(s) totaling $51.6m


Harlem Children's Zone

New York, NYHarlem Children's Zone is a foundation focused on children's and youth services. With $73.0m in revenue and 2956 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
3 grant(s) totaling $6.1m

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