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Hispanic Federation is a nonprofit focused on nonprofit management. With $29.7m in revenue and 92 employees, it is a relatively large organization. Founded in 1991, Hispanic Federation is headquartered in New York, NY. The organization is notable for its healthy financials, spending 94% directly on its programs. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $22.9m.

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Hispanic Federation


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New York, NY
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Hispanic Federation

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Recent tax return data

Mission and Work


A service-oriented membership organization of health and human service agencies dedicated to addressing the needs of hispanic-americans in the New York metropolitan area.

Program 1

$3.2m annual program spend • The community assistance program provides emergency assistance to members of the latino community.

Program 2

$2.4m annual program spend • The technical support program provides managerial, organizational and other related technical assistance to latino health and human service agencies.

Program 3

$12.7m annual program spend • In response to the immense devastation caused by hurricane maria in september 2017, hf convened government, community and philanthropic institutions and leaders to create the unidos disaster relief and recovery program (the "program"). The goal of the program is to serve the immediate and long-term needs of families and communities in puerto rico. Hf has coordinated hundreds of donation drives in the united states and has distributed millions of pounds of food, water and other essentials to those most affected by the storm, delivering emergancy relief aid throughout puerto rico.

From Hispanic Federation's website

In their words

Headquarters - New York City

José Calderón

Carolyn Martinez
Executive Assistant to the President
Ext. 150

Frankie Miranda
Executive Vice President
Ext. 122

Stephen Calenzani
Vice President, Development
Ext. 124

Doris Guzman
Vice President, Finance and Administration
Ext. 117

Jaslyn Jimenez-Peña
Vice President, Programs
Ext. 126

Mario Colón
Assistant Vice President, Communications and Special Events
Ext. 118

Jessica Guzman-Mejia
Assistant Vice President, Programs
Ext. 147

Jessica Orozco Guttlein, Esq.
Assistant Vice President, Policy
Ext. 140

Fernando Aguilar
Contract Manager
Ext. 137

Lyra Alicea
Senior Grant Writer
Ext. 133

Diana Caba
Senior Director of Economic Empowerment
Ext. 135

Jose Chamorro
Rental Manager - Julia De Burgos Latino Cultural Center

Maria Chiluiza
Ext. 116

Christopher Colon
Office and Conference Center Manager
Ext. 146

Celina Cruz
Director of Special Initiatives
Ext. 130

Marggellin Estevez
Community Programs Coordinator
Ext. 104

Ivy Fairchild
Chief Development Officer
Ext. 128

Stephanie Gomez
Director of Immigration Initiatives
Ext. 125

Liliana Melgar
Senior Director of Health Operations
Ext. 127

Bethsy Morales-Reid
Director of Community Health Engagement
Ext. 121

Maria Morales
Health Insurance Quality Control Officer
Ext. 138

Andrew Ochoa
Program Coordinator for Immigration and Civic Engagement
Ext. 103

Emely Paez
Director of Government Affairs and Civic Engagement
Ext. 141

Fredesvinda Perez
Accounting Associate
Ext. 148

Christina Ramos
Director of Membership Services
Ext. 136

Almirca Santiago
Senior Director for Grantmaking and Operations
Ext. 115

Karina Santos
Ext. 139


Yanidsi Velez-Bonet
Senior Director of Florida Programs and Policy
407.270.0597, Ext. 105

Freddie Agrait
Projects Coordinator
407.270.0597, Ext. 102

Ada Camacho
Florida Office Assistant
407.270.0597, Ext. 100

Robert J. Edwards
Health Programs Coordinator
407.270.0597, Ext. 107

Marie C. Figueroa
Program Coordinator - Direct Services
407.270.0597, Ext. 101

Yusvelys Garcia
Lifestyle Health Coach
407.270.0597, Ext. 109

Elaine Rodriguez
Civic Engagement Coordinator
407.270.0597, Ext. 104

Ineabelle Schelmety
Lifestyle Health Coach
407.270.0597, Ext. 108

Puerto Rico

Charlotte Gossett Navarro
Senior Director, Puerto Rico Operations

Maritere Padilla Rodriguez
Director, Policy and Advocacy

David Carrasquillo Medrano
Manager, Planning and Community Development

Jonathan Castillo Polanco
Manager, Green Energy and Environment

Warys Zayas
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Manager

Keyshla Marrero Lozada
Operations and Administrative Assistant

Washington, DC

Brent Wilkes
Senior Vice President, Institutional Development

Laura M. Esquivel
Director of National Advocacy
202.887.4977, Ext. 155

David Castillo, III
Digital Director

David Perez
Senior Director of Donor Relations
202.887.4977, Ext. 159


Ingrid Alvarez-DiMarzo
Connecticut State Director
860.527.0856, Ext. 1254


Maria C. Morrissey
Policy Analyst

Rhode Island

Stephanie Olarte
Rhode Island State Coordinator

North Carolina

Daniel Valdez
Director of North Carolina and mid-South Operations

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