American Museum of Natural History

New York, NY • Visit the NYC institution dedicated to exploring human cultures, the natural world, and the known universe. Open 363 days a year from 10 am-5:45 pm.

American Museum of Natural History
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American Museum of Natural History


American Museum of Natural History is a nonprofit natural history & science museum. With $205m in revenue and 1596 employees, it is a relatively large organization. American Museum of Natural History is headquartered in New York, NY. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $214m.

This profile was created with publicly available data obtained from the Internal Revenue Service and the nonprofit organization’s website. ALMA has no affiliation with this organization and has not independently verified this information or otherwise vetted the charity.

American Museum of Natural History


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American Museum of Natural History

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Recent tax return data

Mission and Work


The museum's mission statement is: "to discover, interpret, and disseminate - through scientific research and education - knowledge about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe.".


$72.3m annual program spend • Since its founding, the museum has pursued a scientific research program to advance understanding of the biological, physical, and cultural world. The museum's curators, scientists, and post docs number approx 200 scientists who do research in the biological sciences, astrophysics, paleontology, earth and planetary sciences, and anthropology and publish in peer-reviewed journals. Through over 100 field expedition projects each year, the museum's robust collection of over 33 million specimens and artifacts grows. The museum continues its ph.d. and master's in teaching programs through its richard gilder graduate school, the only ph.d. and mat granting program of any museum in the U.S.

Education and Other Public Programs

$59.1m annual program spend • The museum's professional development program serves approximately 4,000 teachers each year, while the museum's signature science education program, urban advantage, has grown to reach nearly one-half of New York city middle schools. The museum's master of arts in teaching program helps to ameliorate the critical shortage of qualified science teachers in New York state, placing graduates in high needs schools. Approximately five million on-site visitors including approximately 500,000 school and camp group experience the museum education and public programs annually, including its early childhood programs that offer hands-on science exploration.


$46.4m annual program spend • The museum is open to the public 363 days a year with 45 permanent exhibition halls, special exhibitions, and planetarium shows.

Where their money goes

Grants made

These are some of the grants American Museum of Natural History has made in recent years to other charities.

Educational Organization

Regents of the University of California at San Diego

La Jolla, CARegents of the University of California at San Diego is a educational organization. Regents of the University of California at San Diego is headquartered in La Jolla, CA.
2 grant(s) totaling $546k

Educational Organization

University of Utah

Salt Lake Cty, UTUniversity of Utah is a educational organization private school. Founded in 1963, University of Utah is headquartered in Salt Lake Cty, UT.
2 grant(s) totaling $282k


Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston, TXVisit the nationally acclaimed Houston Museum of Natural Science. Discover Texas wildlife, dinosaurs, Egypt, and more in the heart of Houston's Museum District.
1 grant(s) totaling $42k


New York Hall of Science

Corona, NYNYSCI, founded at the 1964–65 World’s Fair, has evolved into New York’s center for interactive science, serving 500,000+ students, teachers, & families.
2 grant(s) totaling $209k

Educational Organization

New York University

New York, NYNew York University is a educational organization university. With $7.3bn in revenue and 41635 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
2 grant(s) totaling $461k


Wildlife Conservation Society

Bronx, NYThe Wildlife Conservation Society saves wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature.
2 grant(s) totaling $460k

Educational Organization

University of Maine System

Orono, MEUniversity of Maine System is a educational organization higher education institution. Founded in 2002, University of Maine System is headquartered in Orono, ME.
2 grant(s) totaling $398k


New York Botanical Garden

Bronx, NYExperience The New York Botanical Garden, New York’s iconic living museum, educational institution, and cultural attraction.
2 grant(s) totaling $42k


Staten Island Zoological Society

Staten Island, NYStaten Island Zoological Society is a nonprofit zoo. With $4.1m in revenue and 63 employees, it is a mid-sized organization.
2 grant(s) totaling $76k

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