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Street Sense Media is a nonprofit focused on homeless persons centers and services. With $395k in revenue and 5 employees, it is a relatively small organization. Founded in 2005, Street Sense Media is headquartered in Washington, DC. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $430k.

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Mission and Work


To raise public awareness on the issues of homelessness and poverty and to create economic opportunities for people experiencing homelessness.


Street Sense provided economic opportunities to 202 homeless men and women including 54 new, first-time vendors in 2017. Vendors earn an average of $45/day, with the highest performing vendors reporting single day earnings up to $400. In 2017, Street Sense continued to offer multiple platforms for self-expression and the production of content aimed at public engagement. We produce content in print, film, illustration, photography, audio and theater and staged performance. 53 un-duplicated vendors participated in workshops that produce this content. These workshops are led by artists in residence, practicing professionals who donate their time to the organization. These workshops provide homeless men and women a forum to express their views while raising their self-esteem. In 2017, the theater workshop led to 10 public performances before a total audience of 3325 persons. Additionally, two film screenings were attended by 67 persons; and six photography exhibits were attended by 317 persons. Street Sense encourages public debate about homelessness and poverty through their newspaper published bi-weekly with per issue circulation of 12,000, consisting of 16 pages of local news features, poetry and editorials. Street Sense also has an active presence on social media, promoting their print content as well as material from other independent sources on the issue of homelessness and extreme poverty. In 2017, Street Sense hosted two community forums on an issue related to homelessness and attendance was 70 persons. We also hosted 18 student seminars for 286 students.

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At Street Sense Media, we define ourselves through our work, talents and character, not our housing situation. Since 2003, we have provided hundreds of men and women with a job. A pathway to a better life. An opportunity to redefine themselves. A platform to share their story.

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