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Working Dogs for Conservation Foundation
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Working Dogs for Conservation Foundation is a nonprofit focused on diseases, disorders, and medical fields. With $1.4m in revenue and 9 employees, it is a mid-sized organization. Founded in 2007, Working Dogs for Conservation Foundation is headquartered in Missoula, MT. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $776k.

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Working Dogs for Conservation Foundation


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Working Dogs for Conservation Foundation

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Mission and Work


Partner with detection dogs to further conservation initiatives around the world. WORKING DOGS FOR CONSERVATION FOUNDATION ("wd4c") integrates scientific-detection dog teams with established management and conservation efforts to address invasive species proliferation, wildlife trafficking, habitat fragmentation, human/wildlife conflict, and support the preservation and restoration of threatened and endangered species.


Since its inception, wd4c has collaborated with managers, researchers, and conservationists to detect nearly 40 species in 18 states and 16 countries. Many of these projects have been ground-breaking within the realm of conservation biology. Wd4c participation and contributions have propelled the discipline of detection dogs forward: from finding difficult and novel targets like a suite of wide ranging carnivores, illegal wire snares, invasive plants and insects, subterranean animals, and evidence of invasive fish in freshwater streams, to wd4c's ground-breaking work using dogs to detect environmental contaminants in freshwater ecosystems. We recognize that many of the traits that prevent dogs form being suitable pets, such as remarkably high energy and toy obsession, can signal significant potential to be a highly skilled detection dog. Throughout wd4c's history, 45 of these exceptional dogs have been rescued into a life and home where they can thrive. Recent wd4c achievements include: - expanding programs into north luangwa national park to prevent poaching and shut down wildlife trafficking. - delivering hands-on training workshops and cutting-edge information that will allow programs in africa to do better conservation work, and keep their dogs safer and healthier. This initiative brought together 12- participants from 13 countries, including representatives form established and prospective programs, customers, authorities, conservation groups, wildlife authorities, the military, policy makers, and donors. The ripple effects of these meetings will been seen in conservation programs for years to come. - addressing long term needs for permanent staffing of dog handler teams to strengthen the search and detection of invasive zebra and quagga mussels at watercraft checkpoints in alberta, before they have the opportunity to foul clean lakes and completely upset ecosystems and irrigation infrastructure at great expense. - recruiting 10 new (rescued) dogs and training them for our anti-poaching and invasive species programs. - fielding dogs on several ecological monitoring efforts wherein some of the world's most endangered animals like san joaquin kit foxes in California. These species can now enjoy additional protection of their diminishing habitats thanks to invaluable data collected by conservation detection dogs.

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