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Washington, DC • Friends of the Earth (Action), Inc. defends the environment and champions a healthy and just world.

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Friends of the Earth is a nonprofit focused on advocacy related to environmental issues. With $10.1m in revenue and 66 employees, it is a relatively large organization. Founded in 1974, Friends of the Earth is headquartered in Washington, DC. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $10.3m.

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Mission and Work


FRIENDS OF THE EARTH strives for a more healthy and just world by defending the environment and human health while advancing social and economic justice by conducting research and education, transforming the economy so it protects the environment and enhances people's well being, and by building movements in the united states and globally working for those ends.

Outreach & Membership Program

$4.8m annual program spend • Our outreach program educates members and activists as well as the greater public through online action alerts, online advertising, mailings print newsletters (to members), as well as social media sites like facebook, twitter, youtube, and flickr. We also seek opportunities to educate the public through tv and radio interviews.

Economic Policy

$1.6m annual program spend • FRIENDS OF THE EARTH (foe)'s economic policy team aims to create a more environmentally sustainable and socially just world by transforming financial and economic systems. Activities include efforts to end subsidies for polluting industries, making polluters pay for the damage they cause and encourage investments in clean alternatives. During fy2018 it worked to alter lending practices at large financial institution that fund polluting activities and harm communities in developing countries. The team also educated the public and policymakers about the environmental dangers and undemocratic nature of trade agreements, such as the trans-pacific partnership. It engaged in campaign finance reform efforts, and began an effort to address gerrymandering in North Carolina. This team also worked to get institutional investors to adopt policies to defund deforestation, particularly related to palm oil production.

Food and Technology

$1.5m annual program spend • The food and technology team conducts policy advocacy, market campaigns and scientific research to promote a more just and sustainable food system. In fy2018 the team won victories in getting leading garden retailers to stop selling plants with toxic pesticides, advocated for public policies to phase-out bee-killing pesticides, mounted a campaign to convince grocers to stock more bee-friendly and organic foods, and began a study on pesticides in food. It also helped institutions such as schools to adopt more climate-friendly purchasing policies, and advocated for better regulation of products made with synthetic biology.

From Friends of the Earth's website

In their words

What We Do

Sometimes, this involves speaking uncomfortable truths to power and demanding more than people think is possible. It’s hard work. But the pressures facing our planet and its people are too important for us to compromise.

Friends of the Earth strives for a more healthy and just world. We understand that the challenges facing our planet call for more than half measures, so we push for the reforms that are needed, not merely the ones that are politically easy.


About Us

Three Principles Guide Our Work

Being a bold and fearless voice

Friends of the Earth, as an outspoken leader in the environmental and progressive communities, seeks to change the perception of the public, media, and policymakers — and effect policy change — with hard-hitting, well-reasoned policy analysis and advocacy campaigns that describe what needs to be done, rather than what is seen as politically feasible or politically correct. This hard-hitting advocacy has been the key to our successful campaigns over our 47-year history.

Fighting for systemic transformation

The world’s problems are too big for tiny fixes around the edges. We are working to transform our economic and political systems through strategic reforms that lead to systemic, radical changes. The corporate pesticide industry douses our environment with billions of pounds of toxic pesticides every year and uses their outsized influence to block fundamental protections for people and the planet. But, using the power of our grassroots membership, we convinced the world’s largest garden retailers, Home Depot and Lowe’s, along with Walmart, Costco and more than 135 others, to phase out bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides.

Organizing and building long-term power

We are committed to growing and strengthening our activist base to fight for change.
In order to build long-term political power, we collaborate with broader movements, because the fight to protect our planet is intrinsically tied to the global struggle for justice. When a political appointee or a threatening piece of legislation looms, we work together to stop to it. Trump’s corrupt EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was attacking our clean air and water while cozying up to corporate polluters. We worked with our members and our partners across the broader movement to get him out of office.

Learn More About Our Work

We Work to:

  • Defend the Environmental Protection Agency and strengthen other agencies’ work to protect public health from attacks by corporate polluters
  • Protect organic agriculture and work to make sustainable and healthy food available to all
  • Fight against trade deals that undermine democracy and expand the power of international business
  • Promote clean energy solutions that are community-controlled and help alleviate poverty
  • Empower people to hold financial institutions accountable for destroying tropical rainforests
  • Push public institutions – both bilateral and multilateral – to improve the lives, livelihoods, and environments of people throughout the world
  • Support community efforts to protect our oceans from fossil fuel projects, including export terminals and coal plants


Where their money goes

Grants made

These are some of the grants Friends of the Earth has made in recent years to other charities.


Tides Center

San Francisco, CATides Center is a nonprofit focused on human services. With $150m in revenue and 828 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
1 grant(s) totaling $25k


Savannah River Site Watch

Columbia, SCMonitors a host of energy and nuclear issues from a public interest perspective
1 grant(s) totaling $50k


As You Sow

Berkeley, CAAs You Sow is a nonprofit related to youth activities. With $4.9m in revenue and 26 employees, it is a mid-sized organization.
2 grant(s) totaling $39k

Religious Organization


Highland Park, NJGreenfaith is a religious organization focused on environmental education and outdoor survival programs. Founded in 1997, Greenfaith is headquartered in Highland Park, NJ.
1 grant(s) totaling $20k


Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development

Washington, DCInstitute for Governance & Sustainable Development
1 grant(s) totaling $15k


Advancement Project

Los Angeles, CAAdvancement Project is a nonprofit focused on government and public administration. With $14.3m in revenue and 94 employees, it is a relatively large organization.
1 grant(s) totaling $50k


League of Conservation Voters Education Fund

Washington, DCLeague of Conservation Voters Education Fund is a nonprofit focused on advocacy related to environmental issues. Founded in 1985, League of Conservation Voters Education Fund is headquartered in Washington, DC.
1 grant(s) totaling $150k


Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Knoxville, TNSince 1985, we've been a leading voice for transforming the way we produce and consume energy in the Southeast.
1 grant(s) totaling $15k


Public Citizen

Washington, DCPublic Citizen is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization that champions the public interest – your interests – in the halls of power.
1 grant(s) totaling $20k


Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Oakland, CAAsian Pacific Environmental Network is a nonprofit focused on advocacy related to environmental issues. With $2.8m in revenue and 92 employees, it is a mid-sized organization.
1 grant(s) totaling $15k

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