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Gardner, MA • A nonprofit organization that provides healthcare, education, employment and hope for Haiti. Information on MOHI, Haiti, mission trips and donations.

Mission of Hope Intl
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Mission of Hope Intl


Mission of Hope Intl is a nonprofit focused on human services. With $228k in revenue and 0 employees, it is a relatively small organization. Founded in 2011, Mission of Hope Intl is headquartered in Gardner, MA. The organization is notable for its healthy financials, spending 91% directly on its programs. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $319k.

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Healthy Financials

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Mission of Hope Intl


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Mission of Hope Intl

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Mission and Work


To impact the lives of those living in developing countries through christ-centered hope for a better future, with guidance from the holy bible, we endeavor to impact communities by establishing and growing evangelical churches and ministries, leadership training, education, healthcare, agriculture, employment opportunities, alternative energy sources, micro-financing, food and water distributions, disaster relief efforts and other operations that we deem valuable in imparting hope and change.


Bringing hope and relief to individuals in haiti through provision of housing, food distributions, education, and other services.

From Mission of Hope Intl's website

In their words

Mission of Hope International was founded in March 2000 by Pastor Lexidan Edmé and his wife, Renée, in the village of Thozin, Grand-Goâve, Haiti. The mission of MOHI was to positively impact the population spiritually, physically and emotionally.

The first work to begin was spiritual, with a church plant in the front yard of a dear elderly gentleman named Pastor Bauvais Gabriel. He welcomed Mission of Hope with open arms and an open heart.

At this same time preparations were being made to open the Mission’s first school, with preschool through 3rd grade students, including children ages 3 to 17.

Lex was born and raised in Haiti and had moved to the US for several years prior to returning to Haiti to start the Mission. Because he is native to Haiti, he understands all the little nuances and language that foreigners may never pick up on.

Being American, Renée brings a different sense of order and accountability to the mission. Working together, Lex and Renée have brought a wonderful balance of Haitian/American values and skills to the mission field.

After so many years in Grand-Goâve, they are esteemed by their community and are known for being fair, sharing food and supplies with everyone, no matter their religious or political beliefs. They also are not easily taken advantage of, since Lex already knows all the tricks people are accustomed to playing on foreigners.

Today, Mission of Hope International works with many different organizations, churches, businesses and individuals, from countries across the world including Haiti, the USA, Canada, Germany, England, Scotland, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Israel, Japan and the Dominican Republic.

Pastor Lex & Renee have two children, Alexis & A.Jay. They reside in Massachusetts with their families.

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