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Cincinnati Reds is a nonprofit focused on community improvement and neighborhood development. With $3.2m in revenue and 14 employees, it is a mid-sized organization. Founded in 2002, Cincinnati Reds is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $2.4m.

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Cincinnati Reds


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Cincinnati Reds

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Mission and Work


The Reds Community Fund is dedicated to improving the lives of youths by leveraging the tradition of the Cincinnati Reds and the game of baseball.

Program 1

$199k annual program spend • The Reds Rookie Success League is a free, coed, character building program for 6-12 year old inner city children in Greater Cincinnati, Butler County, Warren County, Louisville and Dayton. The program includes more than 1,500 kids and volunteer coaches, field trips, equipment and uniforms for all participants. Participants are treated to a general instructional camp like atmosphere where they are introduced to the game of baseball and softball as well as specific character messages throughout each day.

Program 2

$221k annual program spend • The Reds Community Fund's Field Renovation Program underwrites the expense for improvements to area youth baseball fields throughout the Reds Country. Upgrades include new soil for the infields, turf upgrades in the outfields, backstop repairs, fencing, dugouts and more. Applicants who wish to receive funding for a field renovation project must have a specific need and complete an online application process providing information on the project such as location, maintenance schedule and most importantly, scope of use for each field.

Program 3

$1.6m annual program spend • The Reds Community Fund Youth Baseball funding initiative provides funding and support to over 300 boys baseball and girls softball teams. Organizations receive funding to purchase uniforms, equipment and cover various operating expenses. Qualifying organizations must operate in "Reds Country," demonstrate financial need, and participate in a minimum of three community service or fundraising activities throughout the year. Specific programs that are supported include the Urban Youth Academy, the Knothole League, and Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities.

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Grants made

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