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Marines Memorial Foundation is a nonprofit theater. With $802k in revenue and 0 employees, it is a relatively small organization. Founded in 2012, Marines Memorial Foundation is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The organization is notable for its healthy financials, spending 98% directly on its programs. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $759k.

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Marines Memorial Foundation


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Marines Memorial Foundation

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Mission and Work


The mission of the foundation is to honor the legacy of military service through its programs and by its support of the marines' memorial association in order to commemorate the contributions of veterans of all united states military services and educate the larger community of their sacrifice.

Program 1

$365k annual program spend • Non-profit entities: the foundation hosts a variety of non-profit organizations both local and from afar. These organizations provide culture and entertainment opportunities to educate and a location to expand their mission. For example, 2018 marked the 13th annual gold star parents honor and remembrance weekend at marines' memorial, an event that provides a safe and compassionate environment where families come together to commemorate their loved ones killed in action, bond over their shared grief, receive support services and counseling specific to their current situation and build a lasting community at little to no cost to them. What started as a few families informally coming together for a reprieve from grief has grown to more than 100 gold star parents and their children participating in a professional support offering. Last year, our commemorative and educational events program offered more events than ever before, all still free and open to the public. Special events had guest speakers ranging from award-winning filmmaker and journalist sebastian junger to admiral james g. stavridis, usn (ret.). For our george p. shultz lecture series. We held commemoration events memorializing battles fought at iwo jima, anzac day, belleau wood and the vietnam war as well as many meet the author events. We also established a brand new "leadership lessons learned" series featuring men and women who have been extremely successful in business after they left the U.S. armed forces. These veterans share the lessons they learned during their military service and how they translated them to success in business. This forum gives young veterans the opportunity to personally engage with these individuals directly and helps them navigate the transition to civilian life and the challenges of gaining entry into the prestigious career opportunities of the bay area, silicon valley and elsewhere.


$248k annual program spend • Ticketed events: our theatre is located in a downtown neighborhood often called the theatre district. Professional local arts organizations and national tours rent the venue for various entertainment productions. It provides a perfect location for small performing arts organizations that cannot afford the larger commercial theatres.

Corporate Non

$47k annual program spend • Ticketed events: conventions, corporate meetings, keynote addresses, graduation ceremonies, galas and benefit performances all find a perfect space in the theatre. The catering and beverages service available from the on-site marines' memorial club enhances the facility for many of these groups.

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