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Active for Good is a nonprofit focused on nutrition programs. With $811k in revenue and 12 employees, it is a relatively small organization. Founded in 2015, Active for Good is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. The organization is notable for its healthy financials, spending 87% directly on its programs. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $1.7m.

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Mission and Work


We help eradicate childhood deaths due to malnutrition while helping millions of American adults and children become more active and healthy.

Program 1

$405k annual program spend • Active for Good is a program where we partner with business entities that currently have or are interested in developing employer sponsored wellness programs. Employers pay calorie cloud a fixed fee for access to the platform. Through this platform employers are able to track participant's activities and gauge the overall health and wellness of their employees. Individual participants can pair their existing fitness monitoring devices or applications with calorie cloud's application. Calorie cloud's application provides the participants with a dashboard that tracks their activity and calculates a monetary equivalent based on each activity or total calories burned. Each business entity then makes a monetary donation based on the actual activity of their participants. Throughout the year calorie cloud has worked with companies and employees throughout the united states. At the end of 2017, calorie cloud's team is comprised of 12 full time employees and independent consultants, in addition to hosted software providers. This team collaboratively works to develop the platform, sign up participating organizations, and support the program. The outreach, maintenance and ongoing development of this program will take approximately 30% of calorie cloud's time.

Program 2

$1.1m annual program spend • Unicef kid power was conceived and built by the calorie cloud team. This program gives kids the power to save lives by connecting their everyday activity to real-world impact. The unicef kid power band is a one-size-fits-most fitness band that tracks both steps and movement. This activity unlocks even more therapeutic food packets that unicef delivers to severely malnourished children. The more kids move with the kid power band, the more lives they save!. In 2017 unicef kid power for schools included 100,000 participants around the country in 49 states. Unicef kid power platform is run by employees, independent consultants, and software providers of calorie cloud and unicef USA. Calorie cloud estimates that the outreach, maintenance, and ongoing development of kid power will take approximately 70% of calorie cloud's time. The combined programs of activity challenge and unicef kid power contributed over 2 million in rutf funding in 2017.

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