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Los Angeles, CA • Animal Equality is an international organization working with society, governments, and companies to end cruelty to farmed animals.

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Animal Equality is a nonprofit focused on animal protection and welfare. With $3.5m in revenue and 21 employees, it is a mid-sized organization. Founded in 2015, Animal Equality is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. This organization is popular with volunteers, with 100 helping last year. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $2.1m.

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Animal Equality


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Animal Equality

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Mission and Work


ANIMAL EQUALITY is an international organization working with society, governments, and companies to end cruelty to farmed animals.

Program 1

$809k annual program spend • EDUCATION2017 has been a momentous year for our groundbreaking and award-winning virtual reality series iAnimal. In July, we released our latest film, which opens people's eyes to the dark reality of dairy farming and features brand new footage filmed by eight investigators in three countries over six months. The film iAnimal: The Dairy Industry in 360 degrees, narrated by Harry Potter actress and animal advocate Evanna Lynch, was presented in the United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Germany, and Spain. The release was covered by some of the most important media outlets around the world, including the New York Times. The UK's prestigious and largest independent film festival, Raindance, shortlisted our virtual reality film 'iAnimal: 42 days in the life of a chicken', for the Best Social Impact Experience Award which was also nominated in the category of Virtual Reality films at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York City. In Italy, we were selected as finalist for the best video storytelling of 2017 by 'TELETOPI', an award promoted by the financial journal 'SOLE 24 ORE' along with the University of Bologna.Our Love Veg website, which launched in August, is a leading resource for all things plant-based. Rich content on the site inspires future generations of vegans in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Our Love Veg e-newsletters have already reached over 200,000 subscribers. ANIMAL EQUALITY is working on the upcoming launch in India and Brazil and promoting more compassionate choices all around the world. ANIMAL EQUALITY has held iAnimal events around the world, including several tours by enthusiastic teams of activists who have taken iAnimal to colleges and universities across the United States. We also shared our iAnimal headsets and films with activists and over 80 organizations worldwide. Thanks in part to our collaboration with other groups, iAnimal has been viewed by over 60,000 people and a further 10,000 people via 2D at nearly 500 events around the globe. Over 935,000 people have subscribed to ANIMAL EQUALITY newsletters this year. ANIMAL EQUALITY reached 4.2 million followers on Facebook and a total reach of 725 million on Facebook across seven countries. ANIMAL EQUALITY has expanded its social media presence across several countries throughout 2017, gaining 150,000 Twitter followers and almost 190,000 Instagram followers.

Program 2

$380k annual program spend • CORPORATE OUTREACHIn 2017, ANIMAL EQUALITY won 41 corporate policies banning the cages that cruelly confine hens used for eggs in Italy, Brazil, Mexico, and Spain. Cumulatively, these policies reduce the suffering of at least 20 million hens every single year. Starting in January, ANIMAL EQUALITY conducted outreach to nearly 600 companies across the aforementioned four countries plus India in an effort to begin the important dialogue that would ultimately result in corporate policies. Companies included some of the biggest names in food business from the restaurant, retail, food service, consumer packaged goods and hospitality sectors. ANIMAL EQUALITY also embarked on public education campaigns to inform consumers about the plight of birds in cages. As part of those campaigns ANIMAL EQUALITY held nearly 40 protests attended by around 3,000 volunteers. We also recruited 30,000 volunteers to take online actions as part of the organization's newly-formed "Animal Defenders" program designed specifically for the corporate outreach department. Our policy successes and campaign actions resulted in more than 220 million media impressions worldwide.

Program 3

$272k annual program spend • INVESTIGATIONSIn 2017, ANIMAL EQUALITY released 23 hard-hitting investigations into the violent factory farming industry in Brazil, India, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico that had over 1.9 billion views worldwide.As part of our campaign against the egg industry, we released three major investigations inside hen farms in Spain, Italy and India. ANIMAL EQUALITY released the first-ever investigation of Brazil's egg industry, revealing disturbing animal abuse inside the country's egg factory farms that cage hens. ANIMAL EQUALITY also released the first-ever investigation into hen farms in India. A third iAnimal film on dairy cows, narrated by Evanna Lynch was introduced.

From Animal Equality's website

In their words

Two cows together


As an animal protection organization, we are guided by compassion, determination, and effectiveness.

Using these values to launch innovative projects and strategic campaigns, we work to expose and abolish the cruel practices of the animal agriculture industry.

Photo: Colombo Nicola /

Ari filming chickens, Mexico


Our teams in the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, and India consist of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in undercover investigations, corporate campaigns, political outreach, and the development of large-scale education programs.


With over ten years of experience in international campaigns, we are committed to saving as many animals as possible and to reducing the enormous suffering animals endure on factory farms. Our commitment to continually assessing the impact of our campaigns and programs makes us increasingly efficient at saving lives.


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I believe it's our right to know what is really happening behind closed doors. And now, thanks to Animal Equality's investigations, we have the power to see, understand, and take action.

Kat Von D

Artist and entrepreneur

The work of Animal Equality gives me hope that the people who watch their work will also choose to live more compassionate lives.

Marco Antonio Regil

Success in China

A total of 33 stalls belonging to the ‘Three Birds of Dali Markets’ and a dog slaughterhouse situated in Nanhai – Foshan (Guangdong Province) were closed by Chinese authorities after Animal Equality’s investigation into the illegal and cruel trade in such establishments. This success was also made possible due to the collaboration of the Volunteer Centre of Guangzhou.

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SXSW 2020

March 15, 2020

Austin Convention Center

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences in Austin, Texas - one of the largest in the world, in fact.…

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