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Washington, DC • Miriam's Kitchen is a nonprofit focused on ending chronic and veteran homelessness by providing a pathway from meals to housing. It starts with a meal - but the goal is housing.

Miriam's Kitchen
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Miriam's Kitchen


Founded in 1985, Miriam’s Kitchen’s mission is to end chronic and veteran homelessness in Washington, D.C. We end homelessness by creating a pathway to housing for our guests by creating a trusting, dignified, and welcoming environment. This allows us to work with these individuals to end their experiences of homelessness.

We are a mid-sized organization with a $5 million budget. The organization is notable for its healthy financials, spending 85% directly on its programs.

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Mission and Work


A social services organization serving homeless individuals with case managements, meals, and therapeutic services.

Program 1

$1.0m annual program spend • Each year MK provides basic, urgent services to about 4,000 individuals experiencing homelessness. We also work more intensely with 1,200 of those guestshelping them to increase their income (e.g. applying for disability benefits or social security), improve their health (connecting them to mental/health care appointments) and secure housing. We do this in partnership with social workers, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and lawyers from partner organizations to provide a variety of high-quality services all in one place - our dining room.

Program 2

$1.1m annual program spend • Many guests say their path to housing started with a meal at Miriam's Kitchen. We serve breakfast and dinner every weekday. Our professional chefs supervise volunteers to serve 300 meals a day (about 70,000 meals annually). All of our healthy meals are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Thanks to generous donations from local farmers' markets, and grocery stores each six-item meal costs less than 50 cents.

Program 3

$973k annual program spend • Miriam's Kitchen provides supportive services to over 135 individuals so that they are quickly housed and do not fall back into homelessness. Once clients are matched with housing, MK serves as a coordinator and advocate between clients, their landlords and service providers. Case managers also support clients' goals for returning to an active, more self-sufficient life in the wider community.

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