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Mercy for Animals is a nonprofit focused on animal protection and welfare. With $10.8m in revenue and 129 employees, it is a relatively large organization. Founded in 2004, Mercy for Animals is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. This organization is popular with volunteers, with 12142 helping last year. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $10.4m.

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Mission and Work


MERCY FOR ANIMALS (mfa) is dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies.


$1.9m annual program spend • The education department inspired over 2 million people around the globe to download our vegetarian starter guide, which resulted in over 240,000 online interactions with our veg support team to get personalized assistance in transitioning to a compassionate diet. Our food policy team achieved nine policy commitments in brazil and mexico that will impact 26 million meals per year. By year's end, we had amassed over 22,000 global volunteers, who were instrumental in shipping 724,000 leaflets worldwide. We produced 150 original videos to educate the public on the realities of factory farming and inspire viewers to make compassionate food choices, and we conducted 58 a/b tests to ensure our work was as effective as possible.


$1.3m annual program spend • Mfa released seven hard-hitting undercover investigations in four countries. In the U.S., we revealed mother pigs crammed into tiny cages at a factory farm that supplies to hormel, one of the largest pork producers in the country. We exposed the heartbreaking, systemic cruelty endured by cows raised for dairy when their babies are ripped away shortly after birth. Canadians were outraged when our expos of elite farm services, a company linked to lilydale/sofina foods, uncovered shocking animal abuse, including management standing by while workers kicked and threw chickens. In brazil, we released our first two investigations, one of a battery egg farm linked to retail giant walmart and the other of a hog farm linked to gpa that imprisoned mother pigs in tiny cages. In mexico, we continued our groundbreaking work, releasing two slaughter investigations that urged legislators to enact laws that would criminalize slaughtering animals without first rendering them unconscious. Mfa's five drone exposes of pig, egg, and dairy factory farms and slaughterhouses revealed the devastating impact of animal agriculture. Our video, "drones expose milk industry secrets," has surpassed 16 million facebook views. By providing a unique and non-graphic perspective of the massive scale of factory farming operations, these investigations help us reach more people and new demographics, inspiring consumers to be aware of how their food is produced.

Legal Advocacy

$810k annual program spend • The legal department achieved several milestones and legal victories for farmed animals. In North America, the department helped secure animal cruelty convictions of several workers and the owners of canada's largest dairy factory farm. The legal team also submitted a federal rulemaking petition to the U.S. department of agriculture to include poultry under the humane methods of slaughter act and submitted public comments for five U.S. and canadian administrative rulemaking decisions pertaining to the care of rabbits, humane slaughter regulations, animal welfare standards under the U.S. organics program, and slaughterhouse line speeds. In partnership with other animal protection groups, the department also helped launch a historic ballot initiative campaign in California to ban the production and sale of meat and eggs from intensively confined animals. The team also helped oppose 29 state and federal bills that would have negatively impacted farmed animal welfare, including by testifying before lawmakers, engaging members and supporters, drafting position statements and letters in opposition, and conducting press outreach efforts. In mexico, the department's efforts helped a historic federal bill criminalizing the slaughter of animals without prior stunning pass through the first chamber of the country's congress. Lastly, the legal department provided oversight, support, and counsel to all departments in all the countries where MERCY FOR ANIMALS operates.

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Arlington, VACreating a healthy, humane, and sustainable food supply.
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