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Seminole Nation Historical Society
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Seminole Nation Historical Society


Seminole Nation Historical Society is a nonprofit focused on cultural or historical activities. With $189k in revenue and 4 employees, it is a relatively small organization. Founded in 1976, Seminole Nation Historical Society is headquartered in Wewoka, OK. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $148k.

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Seminole Nation Historical Society


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Seminole Nation Historical Society

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Mission and Work


The purpose of the SEMINOLE NATION HISTORICAL SOCIETY is, through ownership and operation of the Seminole Nation Museum, to promote and preserve the history and culture of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and its capital of Wewoka.

Ethnological Exhibitions & Collections Management

$66k annual program spend • The Seminole Nation Museum maintains (curates) and exhibits a vast collection of artifacts, artworks and archives relating to the history and culture of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and its capital of Wewoka. The Museum provides admission free of charge to the public and serves primarily the 20,000+ members of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and the rural communities and schools located within Seminole, Hughes, Pontotoc and Pottawatomi Counties. The Museum maintains over eight thousand square feet of exhibition space covering the history of the Seminole Nation, Seminole Freedmen, Oklahoma pioneer and the Oklahoma Oil Boom. Also maintained is an art gallery with a permanent collection of over 800 works of art. The Museum saw over 8,500 visitors in 2016 coming from all fifty states and eighteen foreign countries. In 2016, the museum continued a renovation of our main exhibition hall, creating a new long-term exhibit called "An Everlasting Fire: The Seminoles of Oklahoma.". The new 2,400 square-feet exhibition will contain state-of-the-art displays, new LED lighting and industry-standard artifact mounts and text panels.

Art Exhibitions/Traveling Exhibits

$11k annual program spend • The museum hosts a number of special programs, workshops and art shows throughout the year. Annually in June, the museum hosts a special gallery exhibit for returning Wewoka alumni. In October and November we host shows relating to the history and culture of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma - often featuring a single artist of Native origin. From February through the end of May, we feature a selection of works from the museum's extensive permanent collection of artworks. Workshops, often relating to the creation or retention of material culture, are hosted the remaining months of the year. Engaged individuals in these programs included 3,021 persons for 2016.

Genealogy/Research Facilities

$1.8k annual program spend • The museum maintains an extensive research library housing records on Seminole and Creek genealogy, Seminole County history, local newspaper files and scholarly works such as research papers and theses. Museum staff provides free assistance to the public in researching the collections. Nominal fees are charged for photocopies and image reproductions. The library is used by many local Seminoles for research and by authors and scholars from across the United States and abroad. The facility also offers Internet access to the public for research and informational purposes. In 2016, 44 individuals made use of this service.

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