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Animal Humane NM
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Animal Humane NM


Animal Humane NM is a nonprofit focused on animal protection and welfare. With $6.6m in revenue and 122 employees, it is a mid-sized organization. Founded in 1971, Animal Humane NM is headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $6.4m.

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Animal Humane NM


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Animal Humane NM

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Recent tax return data

Mission and Work


To provide shelter for homeless cats and dogs as well as appropriate nutrition, veterinary care, and individualized attention from our volunteer and paid staff while in the care and custody of our organization. This service includes a skilled pairing of adopters with ideally matched and screened families and individuals.


$1.6m annual program spend • Subsidized veterinary clinic: animal humane's donor-subsidized veterinary clinic, located on our 4-acre main campus, plays a crucial role in ensuring pets stay healthy and with their families. As New Mexico's only full-service low-cost veterinary clinic exclusively serving qualifying low-income pet owners, we provide much needed care for those who cannot afford to take their pets to private veterinary practices. Animal humane's mission to provide access to quality veterinary care ensures owners and pets may live healthy and happy lives together. Renovated in october 2007, with valuable funding from private donors and foundations, animal humane's clinic also provides quality medical care for the thousands of homeless pets that we shelter annually, many of whom require spay/neuter in addition to medical procedures ranging from dentals to abscess removals to orthopedic surgery. Each of our shelter pets also receives behavior training as well as abundant tlc. More than 30% of our clinic clients are senior citizens. Fees from their visits, along with all other clients, generate valuable revenue to support our annual operations. In fy 2018, our expert medical team conducted 4,988 appointments for low-income pet owners.


$1.3m annual program spend • Animal humane New Mexico has adopted 100% of the healthy pets in our care since january 2010 and adopted a total of 4,037 dogs and cats during our last fiscal year. We concluded operating cycle with a 91% live release rate. Every adopted pet receives quality medical care at our campus clinic, with 2,414 homeless cats and dogs being sterilized prior to adoption. Additionally, all medical procedures (e.g., dentals, orthopedic surgeries, abscess removals) needed to prepare pets for adoption are performed at our clinic. Finally, our highly effective trap-neuter-return (tnr) program led to an additional 1,233 felines being sterilized in fy18. Our tnr program continues to have a dramatic impact on lowering kitten intakes annually, as well as reducing the number homeless adult cats, at certain periods throughout the year.

Learn Humane

$959k annual program spend • This is our summer and winter holiday educational camp program for youth in our community. Sixty children attended four different one-week sessions over the summer in which they learn about the humane treatment of animals and compassion for all life. Additionally, they are exposed to the importance of spay/neuter to combat pet overpopulation, diverse animal-related professions, and are introduced to homeless cats & dogs, as well as numerous other species, via fieldtrips to local animal-based organizations or visits by guest speakers to our shelter.

From Animal Humane NM's website

In their words

Founded in 1965, Animal Humane New Mexico is the state’s leading private 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization serving more than 10,000 homeless and at-risk dogs & cats each year. We never euthanize based on age or length of stay and since 2010, have re-homed 100% of healthy pets in our care. We support every companion animal at Animal Humane with outstanding veterinary, social and emotional care, and love.

As a private nonprofit shelter, we receive no city, state or federal funding; each dollar judiciously spent is earned or raised. We are nationally recognized as a top U.S. charity based on financial accountability, transparency, and administrative-to-program cost ratios. Animal Humane is among only 9 percent of nationwide charities to have received five consecutive annual four-star evaluations, the highest possible, from Charity Navigator, including a top score of 100 for accountability and transparency.

Featured News:

August 8, 2018: Animal Humane Named Top Charity to Put Your Money Where it Counts 

September 15, 2017: These are the Best Pet Charities in the Country

Our mission is to support and improve the lives of New Mexico’s cats and dogs through sheltering, adoptions, humane education and veterinary services.

We envision a society in which every animal is treated with respect and compassion.

Dogs & Cats Found Forever Homes

Low-Income Owned Pets Examined by Our Clinic

People Served Through Our Behavior Helpline

Students Reached by Humane Education

Pounds of Pet Food Distributed

With state-of-the-art facilities on our beautiful four-acre Main Campus, and a Westside Adoption Center, we deliver innovative programs that comprise our wide variety of compassionate services, making Animal Humane a national leader in animal welfare.

Animal Humane
Main Campus

615 Virginia St. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Animal Humane Westside Adoption Center

Animal Humane Westside Adoption Center

10141 Coors Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
505.323.PETS (7387)

Animal Humane Thrift Shop

Animal Humane
Thrift Shop

4646 Menaul Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Animal Humane's Donor Subsidized Veterinary Clinic

Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic

615 Virginia St. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Animal Humane New Mexico’s Executive Director and Senior Management Team hold decades of combined professional expertise in diverse areas that ensure the health and well-being of our adoptable pets, talented team, vital programs and daily operations. Their management is further strengthened by a committed Board of Directors with well-rounded and proficient skills that guide our mission, strategic planning and fiduciary accountability to maintain the long-term sustainability of our organization.

Animal Humane is fortunate to receive support from community partners all over the Albuquerque area. Via sponsorships, events and other creative support opportunities, local businesses make our life-saving work possible.

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