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Washington, DC • Founded by former Vice President Al Gore, we’re bringing the world together to solve the climate crisis and make a sustainable future a reality.

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Climate Reality is a nonprofit focused on natural resources conservation and protection. With $26.5m in revenue and 71 employees, it is a relatively large organization. Founded in 2006, Climate Reality is headquartered in Washington, DC. The organization is notable for its healthy financials, spending 92% directly on its programs. In recent tax filings, the organization reported expenses of $16.7m.

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Climate Reality

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Mission and Work


The corporation is organized for, but not limited to, the charitable and educational purposes of educating the public about the causes of and solutions to climate change, in the united states and throughout the world.

Reality Programs

$6.0m annual program spend • Each year, Climate Reality produces and participates in a number of programs to inform and inspire action to avert the climate crisis. The signature program is the annual 24 hours of reality global broadcast which is hosted by former vice president AL gore and brings together artists, policymakers, business leaders, scientists, and influencers to focus the world's attention on the reality of climate change and the solutions the organizations have today for a full 24 hours. In 2017, the program was entitled 24 hours of reality: be the voice of reality a - 24 - hour live event, empowering millions watching worldwide to use their voices to speak up for solutions, science, and truth at this decisive point in history.

Volunteer Training and Engagement

$3.9m annual program spend • Climate Reality trains proven citizen leaders from all walks of life to spread the message of climate hope and build overwhelming support for action in their communities. During Climate Reality leadership corps trainings, participants hear from former vice president AL gore and renowned climate scientists and communicators. The intensive three-day event provides citizens concerned for the future of our planet with a strong understanding of climate science, as well as the critical organizing, media strategy, and grassroots communication skills necessary to mobilize communities and push for solutions at this vital time.(see. In 2017, Climate Reality trained 2,950 climate leaders in Denver, Seattle and 2017, Climate Reality leaders made over 3,500 presentations on climate change and its solutions in 59 countries. In addition, they completed 22,350 other acts of leadership, such as contacting influencers, organizing events, and writing online and printed 2017, Climate Reality piloted a chapters model, forming over 50 chapters led by a Climate Reality leader or other activist. Each chapter connects local students, parents, professionals and others to target the climate issues that matter in the community. For some chapters, this means pressuring their school or town council to shift to renewable electricity with Climate Reality's 100% committed campaign. For others, this meansworking to close dirty power plants or block dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure. Climate Reality provides chapters with ongoing campaign support, training programs, and mentoring opportunities. All backed by a proven team of world-class organizers, policy experts, and communicators. Plus, each chapter links up with the national network of fellow chapters, together driving change across the country.

Communications and Creative

$2.4m annual program spend • Climate Reality develops and shares dynamic digital media across a range of channels and platforms from email to twitter to facebook to tell the story of climate change and solutions and empower audiences to take action by spreading the word within their social networks. This is accomplished using a comprehensive toolkit of traditional organizing activities, coupled with modern media initiatives, to aid Climate Reality programs in communicating the reality - and the costs - of climate change clearly to audiences around the world.

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