Boston, MA

Boston Harbor Now

We work to keep Boston’s waterfront, harbor and islands clean, healthy and accessible.

Boston Harbor Now
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From the President & CEO

Boston Harbor Now is working to re-establish Boston as one of the world’s truly great coastal cities by focusing on waterfront development, water transportation, and community engagement along Boston’s 47-mile waterfront and islands.

Boston Harbor Now builds on sixty years of collective work advocating for the Boston Harbor cleanup, creating and co-managing the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park and establishing the Boston Harborwalk - a near-continuous, 43-mile linear park along Boston’s shoreline. We encourages people to explore Boston’s waterfront and Islands by hosting hundreds of free and low-cost recreational, cultural and social events a year.

Kathy Abbott

Boston Harbor Now

What we do

Program 1

Discovery Camp


Harbor Islands Discovery Camp is a free, week-long day camp for Boston-area youth participating in YMCA and Boys & Girls Club programs. Each camp week begins and ends with ranger-led activities in their neighborhood facility. Tuesday through Thursday are spent on three different islands learning about history, outdoor survival skills and field biology.

Program 2

Boston Harborwalk


A near-continuous, 43-mile linear park along Boston’s shoreline, the Harborwalk connects Boston’s waterfront neighborhoods to Boston Harbor and each other. For over three decades, Boston Harbor Now has worked closely with the City of Boston, Massachusetts state agencies, private developers and waterfront residents to establish the Harborwalk along 43 of the 47 miles of Boston’s shoreline.

Program 3

Boston Harbor Islands


Boston Harbor Now is the non-profit partner of the 34-island Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park. We help people make the most of their visits by offering public ferry service, cultural and recreational activities, and other amenities such as food and public facilities.


Did you know?

The 43-mile Boston Harborwalk connects residents and visitors to over forty parks, a dozen museums, seven beaches and hundreds of restaurants and stores.

Boston Harbor Now

Where your dollars go


introduces a child to Boston Harbor aboard one of our guided Community Cruises


provides a family of 4 with a pass to the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park


leads a field trip to Boston Harbor for 10 youth and their chaperones from local nonprofits, schools, and community centers

Boston Harbor Now

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Kathy Abbott
Boston, MA
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Boston Harbor Now, February 5 2019

Recommendations for the Future of Boston's Working Waterfront (Report)

The 2018 report Innovation in Boston’s Working Port: Planning a 21 st -Century Harbor set the stage for an overdue discussion of Boston Harbor’s working waterfront and the significance of its contribution to the city and the region’s economy and way of life. In early 2018, Boston Harbor Now convened national and local experts to discuss the working waterfront issues highlighted in the report and explore solutions employed by other national and international port cities.

Our year-long research revealed that there is a large body of academic literature on ports. However, literature that specifically deals with and responds to the challenges of an evolving working waterfront and its relationship to cities is still rare. The second installment of Innovation in Boston’s Working Port focuses on developing recommendations that respond to the needs of Boston’s working waterfront and the four themes that emerged from our discussions with stakeholders, industry experts, advocates, and city and state officials: Growth, Flexibility, Synergy, and Change.

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According to NASA, eighteen of the 19 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001. Human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet.