San Francisco

Literacy for Environmental Justice

Urban greening and restoring native habitats with youth and young adults in Southeast San Francisco.

Literacy for Environmental Justice
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From the Executive Director

Since LEJ was founded in 1998, we have provided education, leadership, and park stewardship for youth and young adults in Southeast San Francisco. Bayview Hunters Point is home to a resilient community that has persevered through significant challenges. Historically, the region has faced disproportionate rates of industrial pollution, high rates of unemployment, and ongoing marginalization. Southeast San Francisco is home to more than two-thirds of San Francisco’s pollution sources and one third of the city’s hazardous waste sites.

We believe that when neighborhoods and parks are cared for, it not only increases resident pride and stewardship, but raises the overall health of the community.

Patrick Marley Rump


For Literacy for Environmental Justice

Executive Director and Program Manager Patrick Marley Rump leads the work of greening the neighborhood’s streets with plants and trees, hosting volunteer cleanups, training the community in environmental careers, and running a massive native plant nursery, which employees local youth and adults. Its plants are used to support the city’s southeastern shoreline, and are sold for other city projects. SF Public Utilities Commission, the Port, PG&E and Friends of the Urban Forest are all clients.

From Nuala Sawyer, SF Weekly.

Literacy for Environmental Justice

What we do

Program 1



All of LEJ’s programming – from volunteer days to structured service learning for schools – seeks to promote eco-literacy through inquiry-based learning and educational activities. Eco-Adventures enables students and teachers to participate in the restoration and completion of Candlestick Point State Recreation Area, using the action opportunity to deepen eco-literacy.

Program 2



A core component of LEJ's mission has been youth leadership and stewardship programming for teens, focused on providing structured, positive early employment experiences in the form of a year-long internship.

Program 3

Candlestick Pt. Native Plant Nursery


Our nursery employs teens and engages local residents in the process of growing plants, restoring local habitats, and preserving the unique biodiversity of Southeast San Francisco. A program of LEJ, the nursery helps sustain ongoing urban greening, eco-literacy, community stewardship, and workforce development opportunities.

As part of a $1M Urban Greening Grant for restoration at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area, our nursery will be expanding in coming years to 3-4 times its current size! With that will come a seed laboratory, a new greenhouse, a new shade house, and a rainwater harvesting system.


Local plants, Local people

Our nursery employs teens and engages local residents in the process of growing plants, restoring local habitats, and preserving the unique biodiversity of Southeast San Francisco.

Literacy for Environmental Justice

Where your dollars go


Helps to grow 50 plants


Supports a school group in having a hands-on experience


Funds a Bay Youth for the Environment (BYE) intern for one year


Provides stewardship of four acres of open space for the year


Provides 500 students with three hands-on environmental stewardship programs at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area


Helps to connect over 1000 volunteers to California’s first Urban State Park

Literacy for Environmental Justice

Key Facts and Figures


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Patrick Marley Rump
San Francisco, CA
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Latest posts by Literacy for Environmental Justice

@lej_ecostewards February and early March were pretty busy for us. Catch up on what we've been up to on our latest blog post! . . . #LEJ #sf #sanfrancisco #bvhp #bayview #hunterspoint #volunteer #sfvolunteer #volunteers#nativeplants #nativeplantnursery #stewardship #ecosteward #ecostewards #environmentaljustice #ecoadventures #environmentaleducation #sankofa

19 hours ago

@lej_ecostewards Alan is loading the truck with Sambucus Nigra (Black Elderberry) headed to Yerba Buena Island. Join us this Wednesday 3/21 for a volunteer day with @SFTIDA from 1pm-3pm. All ages and abilities are welcome! Link in bio . . . #sf #sanfrancisco #treasureisland #nativeplants #nativeplantnursery #YBI #sfvolunteer #stewardship #sftida #lej #ecosteward #ecostewards

2 days ago

@lej_ecostewards We recently had 31 middle-school-aged youth at LEJ participating in an Eco-Adventure Environmental Education activity. Some students helped cut carex and shared that it was " fun! I could do this all day!" Thank you to the students and staff at St. Johns for being such great Eco-Stewards! . . . #SF #sanfrancisco #ecoadventure #ecosteward #studentslearning #environmentaleducation #enved #carexisfun #nativeplants #nursery

3 days ago

@lej_ecostewards One of our favorite events from February was the @aquariumofthebay SANKOFA Days. Over 300 young people and families took part in activities focused on climate change, the environment and environmental justice, and sustainability. We are grateful that we could be part of the day and thank the community organizations and partners who made the day such a success. #sanfrancisco #AquariumoftheBay #lej #sankofa #sankofadays #community

5 days ago

@lej_ecostewards You can hang out with LEJ on Saturday 3/16 during our Candlestick Point Native Plant Nursery volunteer open house. Help get these plants ready to be planted in BVHP and other parts of San Francisco. Link in bio! . . . #SF #sanfrancisco #sfvolunteer #bvhp #bayview #hunterspoint #volunteer #nativeplants #nursery #volunteers

6 days ago

@lej_ecostewards Last week we had another great day with Wilderness Art and Literacy Collaborative (@dhs_walc). They participated in an environmental justice focused activity created and facilitated by Young Adult Eco-Apprentice Laura. . . . #sf #sanfrancisco #walc #wildernessartsandliteracycollaborative #downtownhigh #nativeplants #planting #environmentaljustice #walclife

6 days ago

@lej_ecostewards We're expecting sunshine this weekend. What better way to enjoy it than helping support the Candlestick Point Native Plant Nursery? Join us this Saturday 3/16 from 10am-1pm. Pop in at any time and help ensure the nursery is thriving! 🌱🌤🌱 Link in bio! . . . #SF #sanfrancisco #sfvolunteer #bvhp #bayview #hunterspoint #volunteer

1 week ago

@lej_ecostewards Anthony Khalil, LEJ’s Community Engagement Director, will receive the Environmental Education Award at @baynaturemagazine's Local Hero Awards on March 31. Learn more about the event, Bay Nature's publications, and Anthony's thoughts on receiving the award. Visit our blog to read: . . . #baynature #sanfrancisco #ecosteward #localhero #environmentaleducation #grateful #loveourEJfam

1 week ago

@lej_ecostewards You can join us this Saturday, March 9 for our #ParkChampions workday with California State Parks Foundation. During the rainy season, volunteer efforts are focused on general invasive maintenance, mulching to maintain the restoration area, and by working in Candlestick native plant nursery where we grow native plants needed for the restoration. Link in Bio. #SF #sanfrancisco #sfvolunteer #bvhp #bayview #hunterspoint #volunteer #ecosteward #parkchampions #stateparks #LEJ #restoration #nativeplants

1 week ago

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Bay Nature, September 26 2018

Bay Nature Announces 2019 Local Heroes

Bay Nature Institute is delighted to announce the recipients of its 2019 Local Hero Awards. Four remarkable champions of local nature will be honored at the organization’s annual gala in March 2019.

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AWARD Anthony Khalil, Community Engagement Director, Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ)

Raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains and San Francisco, and a son of first-generation immigrants, Anthony Khalil has deep experience working with youth and communities of color in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is one of the region’s few environmental educators and field-based biologists of color.

During his tenure at LEJ and other local organizations over the past two decades, Anthony has led environmental education and restoration programs for Bay Area residents, fostering increased community and youth stewardship of Southeast San Francisco’s natural areas. He’s also presented at numerous conferences and youth-serving agencies on the topics of race and the environment and the imperative of cultural relevancy in connecting people to the natural world.

FAQs about Literacy for Environmental Justice

How has LEJ impacted the broader community?

In 2002, Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) Youth conducted a community-based assessment of corner stores in Bayview Hunters Point. They found that while there were only two food stores in the neighborhood, located far from public transportation, there are an abundance of corner stores selling alcohol, tobacco, and overpriced poor quality processed foods. As a result of these findings, with the support of San Francisco Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, LEJ created the Good Neighbor program, recruiting merchants to increase store stock of fresh produce and diminishing tobacco and alcohol advertising. In 2007, Good Neighbor was adopted as a statewide model via AB 2384, the Healthy Food Purchase Program.

Does LEJ partner with similar organization?

Our vision of a more just and healthy future for Southeast San Francisco not only involves only our organizations, but others who are like-minded as well. We have project-based partnerships with California State Parks Foundation, Student Conservation Association, Golden Gate Audubon, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

What will LEJ accomplish in coming year?

As part of a $1M Urban Greening Grant for restoration at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area, our nursery will be expanding in coming years to 3-4 times its current size. With that will come a seed laboratory, a new greenhouse, a new shade house, and a rainwater harvesting system.

In the Fund

Greener San Francisco

"The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased and not impaired in value." -- Theodore Roosevelt