San Francisco

Nature in the City

Wildlife habitat restoration and free nature walks to help San Franciscans connect with the local environment.

Nature in the City
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Nature in the City

From the Executive Director

Our mission is to inspire San Franciscans to discover local nature. Skyscrapers, coyotes, and sand dunes. Rapidly urbanizing San Francisco is a biodiversity hotspot. We’re dedicated to educating our community about urban wildlife and pioneering projects to encourage exploring and stewarding local habitats.

Amber Hasselbring

Nature in the City

What we do

Program 1

Green Hairstreak Corridor

Eleven habitat sites strategically placed throughout the Golden Gate Heights neighborhood are creating an urban wildlife habitat corridor that is restoring iridescent green butterflies and more!

Program 2

Local Nature Walks

NTC leads free guided walks throughout San Francisco. Even in our dense city, rich biodiversity is to be found when you know where to look. Expect fresh air, spectacular views, wildflowers, butterfly sightings, and good company.

Program 3

Tigers on Market Street

Amidst the bustle of Market Street, Western Tiger Swallowtail butterflies have been thriving since the 1980s. NTC works to protect their habitats in the Market Street corridor redesign.

Program 4

Nature In The City Map

Beautifully illustrated maps with layers and layers of information about the biodiversity shaping San Francisco, our map invites youth and adults to be curious about the outdoors.

By the numbers

The impact


Native plants planted in five sites, providing food and habitat for butterflies, birds, insects .


Copies printed of our newly designed Nature in the City Map .


Hours of expertise, sweat and humor donated by volunteers .

Nature in the City


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Amber Hasselbring
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Nature in the City


1 day ago - @natureinthecity

Red admiral nectaring at honeysuckle and umber skipper on sword fern!

1 month ago - @natureinthecity

Special thanks to our volunteers from Service Vice Presidents, Cal State East Bay for helping out at Adah’s Stairway this weekend! Nature in the City has a lot of exciting events coming up soon... Visit the link in our bio to read about them in our Spring Equinox Newsletter!

#natureinthecity #sanfrancisco #adahsstairway

2 months ago - @natureinthecity

This pink flowering currant is blooming now at the Golden Gate Community Garden! #natureinthecity #native

2 months ago - @natureinthecity

The San Francisco wallflower, pictured above, is a rare wildflower, native to SF. We got this little gem from Sutro Stewards Native Plant Nursery. Want to see it for yourself? You can find it blooming now in our garden at Adah’s Stairway!

#natureinthecity #adahsstairway #sfnative #sutrostewardsnursery

3 months ago - @natureinthecity

We are out here at Palou Phelps Park, enjoying a beautiful break in the rain by planting new plants along the hillside during the monthly volunteer workday!

Do you love this beautiful patch of open space? Are you interested in getting involved? Come join on the first Saturday of every month from 10:15 am to 12:15 pm!

#palouphelps #volunteer #community #natureinthecity #sanfrancisco

4 months ago - @natureinthecity

Nature in the City was chosen as one of 3 non-profits to be a beneficiary of the Swedenborgian Church’s 2019 Second Sunday Concert Series! The church is a National Historic Landmark and it’s founding pastor, Rev. Joseph Worcester, was longtime friend of John Muir. The supporting beams of the church are even made from madrone tree trunks!

The first concert is coming up on February 10th at 7pm. With a total of 9 concerts, they’ll occur nearly every second Sunday through October 13th. Come out and enjoy world-class musicians in an intimate fireplace & candle-lit arts & crafts sanctuary!

For more information and the complete schedule visit the link in our bio! #natureinthecity #swedenborgianchurchsf #sanfrancisco

4 months ago - @natureinthecity

Nature leaves it’s mark everywhere! #natureinthecity #footprints #noevalley

4 months ago - @natureinthecity

Give today protect local nature! Every dollar you invest in NTC goes a long way in implementing local solutions to habitat challenges. If you haven’t already given this year, please consider making a sustaining gift, which is invaluable in budget planning, enabling us to stretch our resources.

6 months ago - @natureinthecity

What kind of biodiversity exists along Ocean Beach in San Francisco? Bring your wonders to our winter walk along Ocean Beach on Saturday, December 8th and find out. We’re meeting at three different locations along Ocean Beach, at three different times.

As we walk along Ocean Beach, we’re going to observe and collect data about the wildlife we find along San Francisco’s western edge. #CitizenScience

We’ve rallied experts who will share their knowledge of the area with us! During this trip, we encourage you to bring your smartphone (yes, really! 🤳🐦🦀) with the @inaturalistorg app downloaded or a digital camera to document our findings. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Together, we’ll explore nature in the city.

RVSP and details:

6 months ago - @natureinthecity

You’re invited to our free Sea Lion Waterfront Stroll on Saturday Nov 3rd. We’ll explore the natural and cultural history of Fisherman’s Wharf and observe these vocal marine mammals up close.

California sea lion have seasonal migration routes. In the spring and summer, they migrate to the Farallones and Channel Islands for breeding and birth. In the fall and winter, they hang out along the California coast — including San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf! But who knows why? After the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, a colony of sea lions began hauling up on Pier 39 and have barked there ever since.

Bring your curiosity and burning questions about sea lions, migration routes, and nature in San Francisco. We can’t wait to learn from naturalists and interpreters from @aquariumofthebay! See you at the Sea Lion Center at @Pier39 on Nov 3rd at 12:15PM. RVSP link in bio.

Nature in the City

Common questions

What is a recent accomplishment for Nature in the City?

The new Nature in the City Map – highlighting trails, natural areas, and local species of the San Francisco Peninsula – the map is both artistic and scientific. One side of the map shows the whole city, and the flip side hones in on local, regional, continental, and global details across space and time. With donated expertise from the California Academy of Sciences, the Exploratorium, San Francisco Department of the Environment, Presidio Trust, and others, Nature in the City won a grant to support the production and printing for our map, and the entire process took the team three years.

How can I help?

Grow native plants in pots in their backyards (just add water) for winter planting in Nature in the City habitat sites or to plant and attract wildlife in your own backyard. Learn about the benefits of nature to calm the nervous system and restore healthy mental functions. Explore nature in San Francisco using the Nature in the City map, talk with family and friends about their connection to nature, and pass on what they learn. Donate money or volunteer!

Are there many plants or animals that are unique to the Bay Area?

Did you know San Francisco is part of a biodiversity hotspot known as the California Floristic Province? This Mediterranean Climate zone stretches along the Pacific coast from Baja to Southern Oregon and contains nearly 3,500 species of plants, 61% of which are found nowhere else in the world. Closer to home in San Francisco, there are dozens of rare and endangered plants and animals. Some of the endangered species in our city include: Mission Blue Butterfly, San Francisco Wallflower, California Red-Legged Frog, Presidio Clarkia, and Western Snowy Plover.

Nature in the City

Where your money goes


Five plants grown from seed and planted by volunteers


Gloves and tools for a weekend habitat restoration workday


Full day’s work for habitat restoration intern


Fifty Nature in the City maps in the hands of early childhood educators