On a mission to win high-quality paid family leave for everyone.

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From the Founder & Executive Director

The U.S. stands alone as the only industrialized country with no national paid family leave policy.

Our mission at Paid Leave for the United States (PL+US) is to win high-quality paid family leave for everyone. Our three-pronged strategy is to transform workplaces, public policy, and culture so that everyone can give and receive family care when it matters most.

Katie Bethell


What we do

Program 1

Corporate Engagement


Independent research and interviews with the 60 largest employers in the country to understand private sector family leave practices. These companies employ 14 million people - that's greater than the population of most states. New paid family leave policies at AT&T and for Starbucks corporate employees includes dads and adoptive parents for the first time.

Program 2

Education & Outreach


Media outreach and public education to highlight the inequality and discrimination imbedded in many private sector family leave policies. Coverage included headlines at top-tier media outlets such as "Paid Parental Leave Is Still Incredibly Uncommon in the U.S., Especially for Low Wage Workers" and "Corporate America is Failing on Paid Family Leave. The Largest Employers Discriminate Against Fathers and Adoptive Parents."

Program 3

Public Sector Engagement


Independent research and interviews to assess the more effective path to winning Paid Family Leave for the most people working in the United States. Writing and public engagement challenging "moms-only" parental leave covered in top-tier media.


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Latest posts by PL+US

@paidleaveus The role reversal that comes with caregiving for sick and aging parents can be confusing, but it can also strenghten beautiful family relationships. 10 million millennials are caregivers who have had to navigate complicated dynamics, including helping parents with nutrition, going to appointments, getting the medicine they need, and household chores. Find out what Lexi Weber learned about caregiving from the link in our bio via @refinery29 #caregiver #millennial #parents #family #cancer #cancersucks

6 hours ago

@paidleaveus One in four caregivers are millennials, and Latinx millennials spend an average of 42 hours a week caring for their families in addition to full-time work according to @aarp . Nitzia Chama cares for her aging grandparents in Los Angeles, and does not think of caregiving as a burden. "'If we have this tremendous opportunity to take care of them we have to do it with love, with patience,' she says. 'We have to make them feel like they're so important in our lives.'" Caregivers like her deserve resources like #paidfamilyleave so that she can support her grandparents when they need it most. Check the link in our bio to read more! #caregiver #millennials #paidleave #family #latinx #grandparents

1 day ago

@paidleaveus "The US needs to catch up on #paidfamilyleave & we need to be providing it to mothers, fathers & for other caregiving reasons" PL+US Founder Katie Bethell on @cnn with @zainashercnn to discuss why the US is the only OECD country without paid family leave and what we're doing to change that! Happy #InternationalWomensDay let's win this: . . . #CNN #WomensDay #internationalwomensday #moms #mom #Dads #newmom #baby #newborn #caregivers #caregiving #CSection

1 week ago

@paidleaveus We heard some incredible testimony on #paidfamilyleave at the House Ways and Means hearing today. One thing is clear, we can, and must win this! We’re delivering your experiences to the committee members. Tell us how having or not having paid family leave has impacted your life in the comments below, or at the link in our bio.

1 week ago

@paidleaveus What's a TV show that gets it right? . . . #representation #tv #themarvelousmrsmaisel #moms #dads #families #kids #infants #babies #newborn

2 weeks ago

@paidleaveus The disability community lost a fighter. Carrie Ann Lucas fought fearlessly for people, parents, and children with disabilities. When Carrie wanted to adopt her niece who was in the foster care system, she was told that she couldn’t. Through her advocacy and law practice, she ultimately got the Colorado legislature to pass the Family Preservation for Parents with Disabilities Act, which ensures that parents with disabilities are not discriminated against by the child welfare system. In Carrie’s words, “In my parent defense practice between 75 - 80 percent of my clients in child protection cases had a disability. Often times, disabled parents are not receiving the accommodations they are entitled to. Too often decision are made to prevent a child from going home, without providing parents a fair opportunity to parent.” We know that people with disabilities have injustices stacked against them, from lack of accessible public places to inadequate healthcare, to lack of paid family leave. In our fight for paid family leave, we fight alongside and with families with disabilities. [image description: Large light-skinned woman with a ventilator, blue glasses, pink lipstick, short-wavy-brown hair, and a teal top.] . . . #disability #disabilitycommunity #CarrieAnnLucas #parentswithdisabilities #parentwithdisability #accessibility #accessible #paidfamilyleave #medicalleave #parentalleave #caregivingleave #caregiving

3 weeks ago

@paidleaveus “My youngest kid is home sick today on Valentine's Day. He wanted flames on his face to match how he’s feeling 😂🔥 He's bummed, because he spent all evening making cards for this classmates, and an afternoon hunting for a frog for that one special girl in his class. 🐸 He's also happy because he gets to spend the day home from school in grungy socks, pjs, and face paint, hanging out with mom and dad. Time is a gift. It's what I fight for every day. Time for new parents to be with their babies, or to heal. Time for we as grown ups to be with sick kids or aging parents.” — PL+US Digital Director @apollogonzales This #Valentine’s Day show your love for families who still need access to that time with their loved one by pitching in the cost of a box of chocolates, or a couple of roses. $5, $10, or $20 to help us win paid family leave, and the greatest gift of all, time. Link in bio. #love #family #sickkids #valentines #valentinesgift #vday #valentine #donate #giftideas #gift #kids

1 month ago

@paidleaveus We love this #realtalk from @pieraluisa 🧡 *repost* “For me, one of hardest parts of becoming a mom has been giving myself permission to take intermission. I’ve realized how much my feeling of self worth is tied to my productivity and output and how hard it is for me to sit still. It’s been a major adjustment — and very humbling — to realize I can’t do it all, to have to hit pause, do one thing at a time, and be ok with lowering my expectations of myself for a while. In my 14 years of building @refinery29 I’ve rarely taken a true break (3 days is probably my record for not checking email) and, even now, it’s partial intermission (still a big deal for me). At first I fought this slower, simpler time, feeling like I should be able to multitask, get more done. But I’ve come to realize that when I’m caring for Viva, that’s almost all I can do and there’s so much beauty in that. It’s hard to sit on the sidelines, but I’m hoping to find wisdom here ❤️ How do you hit pause? 🎨 Artwork by the ever-inspirational @lisacongdon.” #inspoquote #inspiration #momlife #motherhood #mom #inspirationalart

1 month ago

@paidleaveus "Paid medical leave is a policy that allows everyone to access the healthcare and recovery time they need. But trans people like me face daunting, often impossible, hurdles for basic medical care, a medical provider who understands our needs, a job that supports our ability to cover co-pays, and time off to heal. As a result, health care is out of reach for the majority of us." - @PaidLeaveUS' Bri Barnett, via @theadvocatemag . . . #LGBTQ #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful #paidfamilyleave #paidleave #medicalleave #CA #trans #employmentdiscrimination #justicedepartment #lgbt #🌈

3 months ago

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San Gabriel Valley Tribune, September 21 2018

California’s paid family leave program leaves many behind, report says

When Salvador Guillermo’s wife was expecting the couple’s first child, he requested paid family leave so he could spend time helping out at home and bonding with his son.

The 38-year-old Los Angeles resident was an independent contractor at Keck Medical Center working as a phlebotomist drawing blood from patients.

“We were short staffed at the time and they didn’t want me to take any time off, but I went through HR and they said I had the ability to take paid family leave,” he said.

It didn’t go as planned. Guillermo was just a week into his time off when he received a call saying he needed to return to work. If he didn’t, he was told he would likely lose his job.

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A gap remains at all levels of a women's career journey, from entering high-earning fields like technology, to equal pay and earning promotions. Women still earn 78 cents to a man's dollar.