On a mission to win high-quality paid family leave for everyone.

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From the Founder & Executive Director

The U.S. stands alone as the only industrialized country with no national paid family leave policy.

Our mission at Paid Leave for the United States (PL+US) is to win high-quality paid family leave for everyone. Our three-pronged strategy is to transform workplaces, public policy, and culture so that everyone can give and receive family care when it matters most.

Katie Bethell


What we do

Program 1

Corporate Engagement

Independent research and interviews with the 60 largest employers in the country to understand private sector family leave practices. These companies employ 14 million people - that's greater than the population of most states. New paid family leave policies at AT&T and for Starbucks corporate employees includes dads and adoptive parents for the first time.

Program 2

Education & Outreach

Media outreach and public education to highlight the inequality and discrimination imbedded in many private sector family leave policies. Coverage included headlines at top-tier media outlets such as "Paid Parental Leave Is Still Incredibly Uncommon in the U.S., Especially for Low Wage Workers" and "Corporate America is Failing on Paid Family Leave. The Largest Employers Discriminate Against Fathers and Adoptive Parents."

Program 3

Public Sector Engagement

Independent research and interviews to assess the more effective path to winning Paid Family Leave for the most people working in the United States. Writing and public engagement challenging "moms-only" parental leave covered in top-tier media.



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1 day ago - @paidleaveus

Pull up a job description and you might companies describing their maternity leave or medical leave policies as “generous.” But maternity leave isn’t “generous”... it’s necessary. We couldn’t agree more with @emilymccraryruizesparza at @fastcompany: “By referring to maternity leave as generous, we’re doling out a heap of unearned credit to reluctant employers in a country that lags embarrassingly far behind not just other industrialized countries, but the rest of the world.” Link in bio!

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2 days ago - @paidleaveus

Access to #PaidFamilyLeave is urgent for the more than 80% of U.S. families who have no paid leave. PL+US advocate Morgan shared her all-too-common experience with @time. Although Morgan had access to paid leave when she was pregnant with twins, she ended up taking unpaid time after her fiance had multiple seizures and had to spend weeks in intensive care. With her twins born at 3lbs and each with a minor brain bleed, Morgan burnt through her paid leave: “We have every incidence of privilege, and it’s still incredibly hard. I have no idea what people who aren’t similarly situated do. I can’t even imagine.” Politicians from both parties support #PaidLeave but disagree on how to pay for it, and meanwhile millions of U.S. employees are left saving the little paid leave they have or taking major financial hits when they have medical crises, need to be family caregivers, or have children. Read more about Morgan's story at TIME at the link in our bio.

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3 days ago - @paidleaveus

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves… "I think it's a real travesty that as the wealthiest nation in the world, we are the only industrialized nation without a paid family leave policy" - @repstephmurphy. We’re grateful to Rep. Murphy for meeting our awesome advocates @imstephramos and @ryvantes for paid family leave last week during the Ways & Means hearing, and for her continued fight for paid leave in the U.S. Watch the full @cheddar interview with Rep. Murphy at the link in our bio.

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4 days ago - @paidleaveus

Mother’s Day is always preceded by ads for expensive jewelry for mom and a rush to plan brunch and buy cards and flowers. But moms actually need a lot more than flowers and breakfast in bed. Moms need federal policies that make it easier to be moms, including #PaidFamilyLeave. Mothers in the U.S. are struggling, and only 17% of employees in the U.S. get paid leave from their employer. For low-income earners, that number is 6%. So why the discrepancy between how we say we should treat moms and how they’re treated by policy? Read more from @USAToday at the link in our bio!

#MothersDay2019 #Moms #Motherhood #Parenthood #PaternityLeave #MaternityLeave #Family

6 days ago - @paidleaveus

Looking for a last minute #MothersDay gift? 💐 Don't worry, we've got you covered. Donate to PL+US today and have your gift be DOUBLE-MATCHED by our amazing friends at @onceuponafarm. The donate link is in our bio!

1 week ago - @paidleaveus

PL+US staff are proud to work to work for a bold + comprehensive federal #PaidFamilyLeave policy that includes parental, medical, and caregiving leave by 2022. It's #WhatMomsNeed!

1 week ago - @paidleaveus

During the hearing, #paidfamilyleave advocates @imstephramos and @ryvantes met with Congresswomen @repjudychu @repgwenmoore @repstephmurphy and @repterriasewell. It’s so powerful to see these members of Congress listening to our advocates who won #paidleave at their workplaces.

1 week ago - @paidleaveus

Why do we need #PaidFamilyLeave? Because the financial strain on new families can have devastating consequences. #PaidLeave4All #PaidLeave #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #parentalleave #maternity

1 week ago - @paidleaveus

Meet our amazing advocates @ryvantes and @imstephramos! They’ve both fought for #paidfamilyleave at their workplaces and won. They’re with us on the Hill today for the first ever full committee hearing on paid leave and to share their stories. #paidleave #pfl #family #capitolhill #dc #advocates

1 week ago - @paidleaveus

“I didn’t have enough gas money to go back and forth to the hospital” said PL+US advocate Carrie Carpenter who was forced to return to work within 3 weeks of having an emergency C-section so she could pay for the gas money to visit her newborn in the NICU.

The fight for paid family leave has real momentum and bipartisan support behind it right now. And we need paid leave, now. Some employees have returned to work way too quickly after surgery, slowing their recovery. Others have had to ask coworkers to donate their leave so they can take a loved one to chemo. And still others, like Carrie, had to return to work while their premature baby was still in the NICU. U.S. families deserve better.

Carrie's story and others at the link in our bio.

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San Gabriel Valley Tribune

California’s paid family leave program leaves many behind, report says

When Salvador Guillermo’s wife was expecting the couple’s first child, he requested paid family leave so he could spend time helping out at home and bonding with his son.

The 38-year-old Los Angeles resident was an independent contractor at Keck Medical Center working as a phlebotomist drawing blood from patients.

“We were short staffed at the time and they didn’t want me to take any time off, but I went through HR and they said I had the ability to take paid family leave,” he said.

It didn’t go as planned. Guillermo was just a week into his time off when he received a call saying he needed to return to work. If he didn’t, he was told he would likely lose his job.