San Francisco

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

One of the largest and most effective bicycle advocacy groups in the country. This organization is transforming San Francisco streets and neighborhoods by promoting bicycling.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
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From the Executive Director

We are one of the largest and most effective bicycle advocacy groups in the country. Through our day-to-day advocacy, education and partnerships, the SF Bicycle Coalition creates safer streets and more livable communities for all San Franciscans.

Brian Wiedenmeier

By The Numbers

The impact


Bikes distributed to low income residents during Community Bike Builds


Students celebrated Bike & Roll to School Week


People attended one of our bicycle safety classes

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

What we do

Program 1

Community Bike Builds


Our Community Bike Builds are a great model of a cooperative, community-driven collaboration. We reclaim unclaimed and abandoned bikes from various San Francisco public agencies, repair them with the help of our volunteers, and distribute these to low-income residents in need of affordable transportation.

Program 2

Street Campaigns


From spot improvements to protected bikeways, the SF Bicycle Coalition is working hard to improve your commute. We'er currently working on a visionary design for A Better Market Street with continuous, protected bike lanes from the Embarcadero through Octavia.

Program 3

Safety & Education


The SF Bicycle Coalition is the leading resource for street safety in San Francisco. We reach tens of thousands of people every year with free bicycle education classes and resources. Sign up for a class and learn your rights and responsibilities on the road.


Fun Fact

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is one of the oldest bicycle advocacy organizations in the country.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Key Facts and Figures


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Executive Director
Brian Wiedenmeier
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Latest posts by San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

@sfbike We have been here too many times and we can't wait any longer. Thank you to all who came out to support and fight for protected bike lanes.

1 day ago

@sfbike Tonight, we joined hands with #peopleprotected on Howard. Tuesday, we rally on the steps of City Hall. Rally with us to demand protected bike lanes along Folsom and Howard. (Link in bio)

5 days ago

@sfbike Thank you to #PeopleProtected for organizing today on Howard and Fifth. Enough is enough.

1 week ago

@sfbike Brutus doin a proud sit at Light Up the Night last night. 🥰

3 weeks ago

@sfbike Spending our morning calling for @sfmtaphoto to prioritize bike parking with @rafiford8 #YouGetABikeRack

4 weeks ago

@sfbike Thank you so much to our award-winning volunteers! We couldn’t do this without you. 🧡#PeoplePower

1 month ago

@sfbike Thank you, @sfpublicworks ! #cleanbikelanes

1 month ago

@sfbike Construction on #Valencia is underway and oooooh is it looking good. 😍🚲😍 Full protected bike lanes from Market to 15th coming to you live in early February. Swipe to see what we're excited about.

1 month ago

@sfbike Day dreaming about all the bike lanes to come in #SanFrancisco 😍 #bikesf #PeoplePower

2 months ago

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San Francisco Bicycle Coalition News, November 27 2018

Bringing Change to Our Streets: Year One Progress On Our Strategic Plan

Our work is guided by a plan. We’re measuring progress toward our five-year strategic goals and objectives and sharing them with you on our new dashboard.

FAQs about San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Where can I learn more about bike safety?

The SF Bicycle Coalition is proud to be the leading resource for street safety in San Francisco. Every year, we reach tens of thousands of people with the Bicycle Rules of the Road. Here are the bike laws you need to know to pedal safely and legally:

How common is biking to work?

More than one million Bay Area residents live within five miles of their workplaces, an ideal distance for bicycling. But, commuting to work only represents 23 percent of all trips made by car, so think about how you can also bike to shop, to school, for errands, and for social events. In a world concerned with climate change, pollution, and congestion, the question should really be “Why not bike to work?”

What makes Eighth Street so great?

Since construction wrapped up a couple of months ago, our members have loved the new protected bike lane on Eighth Street. Several new design features came together to make this new bike lane one of a kind: 1. The bike-first intersection at Eighth and Brannan: As the second such intersection built this year in SoMa, this design is proving to be a viable alternative to keep people riding safe from turning vehicles on San Francisco’s high injury corridors. 2. Bike share protection for the bike lane: Right before the bike-first intersection at Brannan, the new bike lane is protected by a big bike-share station. Not only do the bikes keep other riders safe, but they allow bike share users to dock in and out without ever leaving the protected bike lane. 3. Transit boarding islands: We’ve seen these boarding islands before, but they’re especially welcome at busy intersections like Eighth and Harrison. Not only do these islands keep people riding safe, but they keep Muni buses running smoothly and on time.

In the Fund

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