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San Francisco Education Fund

San Francisco Education Fund is a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening student success in San Francisco public schools.

San Francisco Education Fund
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San Francisco Education Fund

From the CEO

The San Francisco Education Fund harnesses the power of the community to equip every public school student with the skills to succeed in college, career and civic responsibility. We analyze data to target resources where they are needed most, engage volunteers in classrooms, provide grants to educators and award scholarships to students, to build a bright future for our city and its young people.

Gina M. Fromer

San Francisco Education Fund

What we do

Program 1

Volunteer Literacy Tutors

The San Francisco Education Fund trains and supports community volunteers to help students in kindergarten through third grade increase their phonics skills, sight-word recognition, oral reading fluency and reading comprehension. Volunteers work with students who are performing one to three Fountas & Pinnell levels below grade-level, a critical point before they need the expertise of a trained literacy specialist.

Literacy Program volunteers tutor students one-on-one or in small groups during the students’ literacy block. One-on-one volunteers tutor students for 30 minutes one to two times per week, while group volunteers support an entire classroom through small group workstations for one hour each week

Program 2

Educator Literacy Grants

The San Francisco Education Fund awards literacy grants to educators so they can further their professional development and/or enhance students’ literacy development. Past awardees have led professional development for their peers in areas like Interactive Read-Alouds and the Reader’s and Writer’s workshop model. Educators have also used funds to launch summer reading programs, foster family engagement in reading and expand leveled reading libraries.

Program 3

Assessing Need and Measuring Impact

The San Francisco Education Fund uses the teacher-administered Fountas & Pinnell literacy assessment to measure a student’s reading proficiency. We use this data to direct volunteers and grants to schools with demonstrated need and measure impact over time. For example, 62% of students who started behind in reading reached grade-level by the end of the year in in 2014-15 working with one of our Literacy Program volunteers, compared to 48% of students who did not work with a volunteer.

San Francisco Education Fund


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San Francisco Education Fund


1 day ago - @sfedfund

Congratulations to Kim Syre and Louise Rothman! These two winners of the SF Education Fund’s Distinguished Service Award presented Dr. Kim Gilmore and Ms. Victoria Bautista a check for Jefferson Elementary School. We truly appreciate all our volunteers and the impact they make on SF public school students and teachers.

1 week ago - @sfedfund

Thank you Teachers!! The @sfedfund celebrates teachers' pivotal role in the lives of their students! #ThankATeacher

2 weeks ago - @sfedfund

Thank you Principals for all you do for our schools!

2 weeks ago - @sfedfund

Thank you for attending tonight’s Volunteer Recognition Event at the @salesforce Tower. We appreciate all of our volunteers and what they do to help SF school students and teachers. Congrats to our winners!

3 weeks ago - @sfedfund

Salesforce and their 41 team members volunteered at Lawton Middle School on Friday. They also bought lunch for the 6th-7th graders and then presented a $75,000 donation to help re-do the middle school lockers. Thank you @salesforce for your ongoing commitment to our SF public schools!

3 weeks ago - @sfedfund

Thank you for going all in for education! Thursday’s Casino & Club Night helped the San Francisco Education Fund raise funds for students and teachers in San Francisco public schools. Congratulations to our winners: 1st Place Poker Winner: Woody Wedel 2nd Place Poker Winner: Alan Weakland Top Chips Winner: Ken Zhang

1 month ago - @sfedfund

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5th Annual Casino & Club Night! When: Thursday, April 25, 2019 Where: Gallery 308 in Fort Mason Time: 6pm - 11pm

San Francisco Education Fund

Where your money goes


Provides a Volunteer Coordinator’s guidance and support for a school volunteer for a month.


Underwrites a school-site visit to check in with volunteers, teachers, and administrators on their students’ progress.


Provides an initial training for one volunteer to be a literacy or math tutor for the school year.


Provides a kit of math or literacy materials for a volunteer and student.


Fuels innovation grants so teachers have flexible funding to bring their classroom ideas to life.


Provides a cohort of students a career exploration visit to a San Francisco based company.