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Fund by Sara Adler

Reducing the Stigma of Mental Health

People who live with a mental illness are often blamed for their condition, called names, and discriminated against. People think they can just 'snap out of it', or they could be cured if they just tried harder.

This stigma causes people to feel ashamed for something that is out of their control. Worst of all, stigma prevents people from seeking the help they need. For a group of people who already carry such a heavy burden, stigma is an unacceptable addition to their pain. And while stigma has reduced in recent years, the pace of progress in the Bay Area has not been quick enough.

Fund by Alexandra Newman

Inspired San Francisco

In the 1960s, there was an explosion of nonprofit arts organizations in the San Francisco. In fact, at one point, the Bay Area was second only to New York in terms of having the largest number of dance companies.

As a former professional ballerina in the San Francisco ballet, we are concerned by the lack of public funding and support for the arts - less than 5% of all donations go towards the arts.

Fund by Jonathan Mildenhall

Diversity in Advertising

I was the first ethnic minority to be taken on by McCann-Erickson back in 1990, and I didn’t really think that it was that big of a deal until I actually got into the industry and I saw such a homogenous culture. Everybody was white, middle class and had gone to the same universities. For the first 10 years of my career I was very cautious about challenging the advertising industry in the UK about its lack of diversity.

A major part of the problem is that good applicants from ethnic backgrounds simply do not exist in large enough numbers. Because there have been too few recruited in the past, there just aren't that many at middle and senior levels to recruit now. But, even now, advertising doesn't attract enough high-quality graduates from ethnic backgrounds. This is partly because it is still seen as a white profession.

Fund by The New York Times

California Wildfires

Over 150,000 acres burned in the Camp Fire wildfire in the northern part of California. It turned into the most destructive in the state’s history and one of the most deadly. Another 88,000 acres were been scorched in Southern California by the Woolsey and Hill fires.

Fund by Soleio Cuervo

Leaders of Tomorrow

Despite talent and motivation, millions of young adults in this country, particularly from underrepresented background, lack opportunities and access to higher education. Many attend schools that are unable to nurture their excellence and provide them with quality instruction, access to technology and exposure to STEM professionals.

In California, for example, nearly 75% of high schools with the highest percentage of underrepresented students offer no computer science courses. Less than 3% of these schools offer the AP Computer Science course, despite the fact that computer science proficiency is among one of the most important job skills in Silicon Valley and beyond. Promising students with the fewest resources need the most support.