Our partners

Strong relationship
By only partnering with the top local organizations, we are building deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Lasting impact
Donors pick a fund and contribute a small amount each month, building greater engagement and lasting funding for you.

Featured nonprofits
The nonprofits we feature are curated by local experts, to offer donors a range of impact. Higher donor conversion leads to more funding for the 5-10 nonprofits we feature.

The benefits

Reach a new audience
Younger, local donors. We're not looking to change your current donors, but only focus on helping you reach younger donors who live nearby.

Actionable insights
We provide monthly reports about your donor base: demographics and interests, how they heard about you, messages that resonate with them.

Predictable revenue
Recurring donations help you plan ahead. Because donors subscribe to a fund they have higher engagement and retention.

Streamlined communication
Start a conversation with new or potential donors through our app. We take care of timing, frequency, and give guidance on messaging.

Get featured

No cost to the charity
For our pilot, ALMA is covering all costs, even credit card processing. We’ll issue tax receipts to reduce your burden.

No strings attached
Your monthly donation will never be earmarked. Use the funds however you wish.

We’ll partner with you to create ads, videos, stories, and emails. You always have final say in the content.

Try something new.
Be one of our pilot partners, and we guarantee at least $1,000 of donations in the first 5 months.