Greener Chicago

Climate change is real and we must act.

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The Reason Why

The challenge

In the past, the Chicago River was used as a sewage canal, a shipping canal and, perhaps most famously, a dumping ground for the Union Stockyards. The Great Lakes near the city suffers from elevated pollution levels. Proper conservation and protection are required to protect the natural ecosystems across our region.

Our Approach

The solution

The organizations in this fund have a long history of protecting the environments surrounding Chicago. The once-polluted Chicago River is thriving, with nearly 70 species of fish, countless species of birds, and wildlife such as beavers, muskrats, turtles and now even river otters, calling the river home.

These organizations have a vision for the region that includes a vast network of land and water trails, tree-lined streets, and intimate public gardens within easy reach of every city dweller.

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Our Fund + You

The fund: Greener Chicago

We're excited to introduce you to Greener Chicago, a fund containing 3 nonprofits. Each nonprofit has been handpicked by us.

Our strategy

The implementation

Strategy 1

Water ecosystems


The Chicago River runs through the heart of our city and the broader Great Lakes ecosystem defines the region.

Current milestone

20 square miles of riverfront and watershed sites cleaned by volunteers

Progress: 0/20

Strategy 2

Urban greening


We want to protect and develop the amazing biodiversity in the city, from planting trees to protecting wildlife in the Chicago region.

Current milestone

1000 trees planted

Progress: 27/1000

Strategy 3

Education and access


Everyone in Chicago, young and old, should engage and appreciate natural surroundings and be informed about how they can help.

Current milestone

300 students participate in outdoor education

Progress: 8/300

Our partners

The nonprofits

Together, these nonprofits implement a range of strategies - from urban gardens to protecting local biodiversity - focused on making our city more sustainable.

  • Nonprofit


    Founded in 1963, Openlands has helped protect more than 55,000 acres of land for public parks and forest preserves, wildlife refuges, land and water greenway corridors, urban farms, and community gardens.

    • Location:


    • Focus:

      Protecting natural and open spaces

  • Nonprofit


    Gardeneers is the only Chicago-based nonprofit providing full-service, customized school garden programs with on-going support. Each week, we provide schools with dedicated educators and garden resources to facilitate experiential learning, encourage connections with healthy foods, and ensure each garden’s unique success.

    • Location:


    • Focus:

      School garden programs

  • Nonprofit

    Friends of the Chicago River

    Making the Chicago River one of the world's greatest metropolitan rivers.

    • Location:


    • Focus:

      Dedicated to the Chicago River

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Get started by setting up a small monthly donation to Greener Chicago. These are more effective than one-time donations as they allow nonprofits to focus on solutions rather than fundraising.

Next Steps

What happens after I donate?

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Distributing your donation

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Following the progress

Staying informed

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