Greener San Francisco

Climate change is real and we in the Bay Area must act.

The Reason Why

The challenge

For humanity to enjoy a livable planet, an unprecedented effort is needed to tackle climate change. That’s the message of the United Nations’ new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’ report. We can be a part of this effort right here in the Bay Area and it's going to take all of us to make the difference we need.

Our Approach

The solution

We partner with data-driven organizations to fight climate change in San Francisco by increasing tree cover, advocating for sustainable transportation like bikes and buses, and educating the next generation on good environmental stewardship.

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Our Fund + You

The fund: Greener San Francisco

We're excited to introduce you to Greener San Francisco, a fund containing 4 nonprofits. Each nonprofit has been handpicked by us.

Our strategy

The implementation

Strategy 1

Urban greening


We want to protect and develop the amazing biodiversity in the city, from planting trees to restoring wetlands in the Bay.

Current milestone

By December 31, we aim to sponsor the planting of 8 mature trees in the Mission neighborhood.

Progress: 0/8

Strategy 2

Education and access


Everyone in SF, young and old, should engage and appreciate natural surroundings and be informed about how they can help.

Current milestone

By December 31, we aim to sponsor 3 local school groups having a hands-on experience with nature.

Progress: 0/3

Strategy 3

Sustainable transportation


Developing the infrastructure for sustainable transportation, like bike lanes, so our children can continue to enjoy San Francisco.

Current milestone

By December 31, we aim to support the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition with $500 to advocate for urban bike lanes.

Progress: 43/500
Our partners

The nonprofits

Together, these nonprofits implement a range of strategies - from bike lanes to protecting local biodiversity - focused on making our city more sustainable.

  • Nonprofit

    Friends of the Urban Forest

    FUF has planted over 60,000 trees, nearly half of San Francisco's street tree canopy.

    • Location:

      San Francisco

    • Focus:

      Greening San Francisco

  • Nonprofit

    Literacy for Environmental Justice

    Urban greening and restoring native habitats with youth and young adults in Southeast San Francisco.

    • Location:

      San Francisco

    • Focus:

      Urban greening and eco-literacy

  • Nonprofit

    Nature in the City

    Wildlife habitat restoration and free nature walks to help San Franciscans connect with the local environment.

    • Location:

      San Francisco

    • Focus:

      Advocates for the local environment

  • Nonprofit

    San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

    One of the largest and most effective bicycle advocacy groups in the country. This organization is transforming San Francisco streets and neighborhoods by promoting bicycling.

    • Location:

      San Francisco

    • Focus:

      Sustainable transportation

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Your Donation

Your journey starts here

Get started by setting up a small monthly donation to Greener San Francisco. These are more effective than one-time donations as they allow nonprofits to focus on solutions rather than fundraising.

Next Steps

What happens after I donate?

Step 1

Distributing your donation

Sharing is caring

Thanks to your incredible generosity we'll be able to split your pooled donations equally between all the nonprofits in your fund every month.

Step 2

Following the progress

Staying informed

We'll take the hassle out of staying on top of the issues by sending you progress updates. Each month, you'll receive a report about the impact of your donation.

Step 3

Sharing with friends

Maximize your impact

Sharing with friends can be a great way to create a local network of philanthropists. It's an easy way for you to increase your impact!