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Leaders of Tomorrow

Despite talent & motivation many young people lack access to higher education.

Soleio Cuervo
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Leaders of Tomorrow

The Challenge

Despite talent and motivation, millions of young adults in this country, particularly from underrepresented background, lack opportunities and access to higher education. Many attend schools that are unable to nurture their excellence and provide them with quality instruction, access to technology and exposure to STEM professionals.

In California, for example, nearly 75% of high schools with the highest percentage of underrepresented students offer no computer science courses. Less than 3% of these schools offer the AP Computer Science course, despite the fact that computer science proficiency is among one of the most important job skills in Silicon Valley and beyond. Promising students with the fewest resources need the most support.

The Solution

There are nonprofits that help public schools identify high-performing kids from low-income homes and place them at the top schools around the country. These programs provide a combination of financial aid, academic enrichment, and social support to set these students up for long term success.

Our partners

The 3 Nonprofits

These nonprofits are providing opportunities for underrepresented children across the country.


Hidden Genius Project

The Hidden Genius Project trains and mentors black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities.

San Francisco

Inneract Project

Founded in 2004 as a grassroots effort to teach design to youth of color, Inneract Project focuses on providing free design education and advocacy programs to underserved youth.

New Jersey

New Jersey SEEDS

New Jersey SEEDS changes the lives of motivated, high-achieving students from low-income families by transforming their educational opportunities. Soleio is both an early SEEDS alum (Class of 1995) and a member of the board of trustees since 2015.

Meet the creator

Soleio Cuervo

Soleio is a software designer and founding partner at Combine, a new venture fund and studio in San Francisco, CA. Prior to Combine, he led early design efforts at Facebook and Dropbox and was an investor in technology startups such as Figma, Framer, and ZEIT.

Soleio personally benefited from one such nonprofit featured in this fund (SEEDS) and graduated in 1995 as one of the program's earliest scholars. He believes nonprofits like SEEDS can have a transformative effect on ambitious students from modest upbringings and the communities that surround them.

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1 day ago - @inneractproject

The easiest math problem of all time! • Head over to the website for updates. • #ip #creative #design #Oakland #SanFranciso #TreeHouse #Community #Partner #Collaborate #App #Tech #Digital #Footwear #Fashion #Art #Donate #Kids #Youth #Educate #Inspire

1 day ago - @newjerseyseeds

Each spring, SEEDS invites alumni to speak to our Scholars about their selective school experiences. Alumni share stories of their own educational journeys, provide thoughts on their transitions to schools across the country, and answer questions that students might have. Thank you to Melanie Naranjo (’05), Ryan Shepard (’10), Aamira Garba (’99), Horace Allen (’05), Akosua Oforiwaa-Ayim (’03), Maya Odei (’08), Angelique Blake (’06), Roger Tejada (’06), Diamond McClintock (’04), and Esther Clovis (’04) for joining us in sessions over the past few months! #seedssaturday

1 day ago - @prep_for_prep

Mini-reunion! Our high school students continue to explore college options with a visit to @cornelluniversity, where former Prep Post-Placement Counselor Yewande Salau is pursuing her MBA. Thanks Yewande for joining us and sharing advice about Cornell and college life! Photos: HS juniors have lunch with Yewande ➡️ Prep's former and current counselors Yewande, Sarah Ratsimbazafy, and Justin Hyacinth (XXII)

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Summertime is for #ip • Head over to the website for updates. • #ip #creative #design #Oakland #SanFranciso #TreeHouse #Community #Partner #Collaborate #App #Tech #Digital #Footwear #Fashion #Art #Donate #Kids #Youth #Educate #Inspire

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‪Special thanks 🙌🏾 to @salesforce @boldforce @salesforceorg for inviting our Geniuses 💡to ‘Empowering Black Men of the Future’ event today. Without a doubt, y’all have created an incredible experience dedicated to exposing our black boys and young men to #CS careers, app-creation 📱 workshops, and the opportunity to network with the top black #technologists in the industry. ✊🏾 Thank you for always supporting @hiddengeniuspro and we appreciate your partnership. . . . #blackkidscode #blacktechmatters #blackyouthmatter #codekids #oaklandyouth #richmondyouth #mentoringmatters #youthempowerment #csr #socent #westoakland #blacktech #sooakland

#TrailBlazer #blacktech #TheHiddenGeniusProject

2 days ago - @newjerseyseeds

We love seeing photos of our grads on their independent school campuses! Here are Emma Anane ('17) a current sophomore at @lawrenceacademy and Michael Castillo ('15) a current senior at @d_eschool. Michael will be enrolling at @uofpenn this fall! #njseedsoncampus #tbt

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Spend your summer with #ip • Head over to the website for updates. • #ip #creative #design #Oakland #SanFranciso #TreeHouse #Community #Partner #Collaborate #App #Tech #Digital #Footwear #Fashion #Art #Donate #Kids #Youth #Educate #Inspire

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#AlumUpdate "We invest with a purpose: to transform our nation’s workforce and communities. In the process, we have created and retained over 25,000 jobs in our nation’s most distressed areas." Stonehenge Capital promotes Prep alum L'Quentus Thomas (X) to Managing Director. He will continue to manage and grow the operations of Stonehenge Community Development to invest in economically distressed communities and areas targeted for revitalization. Congrats, L'Quentus! #communitydevelopment #leadersdontjusthappen

3 days ago - @newjerseyseeds

We're still looking for some summer faculty members to join our Scholars and College Scholars this summer! Learn more about our open positions at #seedssummer

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