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Reducing the Stigma of Mental Health

We need to raise awareness and understanding of mental illnesses.

Sara Adler
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Reducing the Stigma of Mental Health

The Challenge

People who live with a mental illness are often blamed for their condition, called names, and discriminated against. People think they can just 'snap out of it', or they could be cured if they just tried harder.

This stigma causes people to feel ashamed for something that is out of their control. Worst of all, stigma prevents people from seeking the help they need. For a group of people who already carry such a heavy burden, stigma is an unacceptable addition to their pain. And while stigma has reduced in recent years, the pace of progress in the Bay Area has not been quick enough.

The Solution

Others' judgments almost always stem from a lack of understanding rather than information based on facts. We need to raise awareness and understanding of mental illnesses, talk openly about mental health, and encourage people to seek the help they need.

These nonprofits deliver critical services by helping to reduce the stigma of mental health issues, and providing the care and support people need.

Our partners

The 4 Nonprofits

These nonprofits provide essential care in San Francisco - from a suicide prevention hotline, to a providing a peer network to those who are under resourced.

San Francisco

Mental Health Association of San Francisco

The Mental Health Association of San Francisco cultivates peer leadership, builds community and advances social justice in mental health.

San Francisco


At the heart of NAMI San Francisco's mission is the sharing of information and striving to end the stigma associated with mental illness.

San Francicso

San Francisco Suicide Prevention

We're a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline available to anyone in emotional crisis.

San Francisco

Young Minds Advocacy

We advocate to improve the mental healthcare system so that ALL young people and their families have access to the quality care they need and deserve.

Meet the creator

Sara Adler

I've spent most of my career working in technology in the Bay Area. Ranging from corporate development roles at companies like Facebook, Dropbox and Airbnb to starting a venture firm (Wave Capital), I've seen firsthand how meaningful technology has been in shaping the future. As it relates to mental health issues though, the stigma both in our industry and in my community, hasn't changed as much as I would hope.

Mental health issues hit close to home for me. A few of my family members have suffered from different forms of mental health disorders and as a result, I've seen how challenging and lonely the affects were on both them and their loved ones. That's why I'm so focused on helping bring awareness and dollars to the problem.

Change can't happen unless we're comfortable with talking about the issues. The local organizations I'm supporting are helping address this.

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