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A fund for

Greater diversity in advertising

Join the fund "Diversity and Inclusion in the Ad Industry" and support 3 recommended nonprofits.


Meet the creator

Jonathan Mildenhall

Jonathan Mildenhall is co-founder and CEO of TwentyFirstCenturyBrand, where he helps high-profile startups and venture-capital firms in their creative and business strategy initiatives. Jonathan was named number 8 in Forbes' list of the world's most influential CMOs. He is the former Chief Marketing Officer of Airbnb and led the Coca-Cola Company’s marketing initiatives from 2007-13 as VP of global advertising and content excellence.

Mildenhall draws from his previous experiences to share strategies on creativity, corporate social responsibility, and branding with audiences around the world. A champion of accelerating diversity in advertising, he also equips audiences with genuine ideas and insights on the role of disruption, creativity, inclusivity, and purposeful branding in sparking positive change and uniting humanity around a movement.

In 2016, Mildenhall was named to the Financial Times’ top 100 Upstanding Leaders’ List, a collection of leading ethnic minority executives in the U.S. and U.K. He was also listed at No. 14 on the 2015 Power List by PR Week and previously made the “pink list” (now the Rainbow List) of the most influential LGBT figures in the U.K. by The Independent. Mildenhall was chair of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) Diversity Community in the mid-2000s, during which time he sought to increase the number of African-American advertising workers in the sector.

recommended by Jonathan Mildenhall

The nonprofits

These nonprofits focus on building the pipeline for getting more diversity at all levels in the advertising industry.

  • Nonprofit

    College Track

    Our 10-year program puts students on the path to and through college because the research tells us this is the most powerful way for America’s low-income and first-generation students to achieve upward social mobility.

    • Location:

      Bay Area & Nationwide

    • Focus:

      Comprehensive college completion program

  • Nonprofit

    She Runs It

    Founded in 1912 as AWNY, She Runs It passionately pursues a mission to pave the way for more women to lead at every level of marketing and media.

    • Location:

      New York & Chicago

    • Focus:

      Female Leaders in Marketing

  • Nonprofit

    Marcus Graham Project

    Our purpose is to make sure that we don’t have to wait for 60 years to add more perspective to media that touches millions globally, and career opportunity to thousands of minority professionals across the United States and abroad.

    • Location:


    • Focus:

      Diversity in media and marketing industry

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