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A fund for

Raising awareness for mental health

Join the fund "Reducing the Stigma of Mental Health" and support 4 recommended nonprofits.


recommended by Sara Adler

The nonprofits

These nonprofits provide essential care in San Francisco - from a suicide prevention hotline, to a providing a peer network to those who are under resourced.

  • Nonprofit


    At the heart of NAMI San Francisco's mission is the sharing of information and striving to end the stigma associated with mental illness.

    • Location:

      San Francisco

    • Focus:

      Support, education, and empowerment for mental health

  • Nonprofit

    San Francisco Suicide Prevention

    We're a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline available to anyone in emotional crisis.

    • Location:

      San Francicso

    • Focus:

      Hot lines & crisis intervention

  • Nonprofit

    Mental Health Association of San Francisco

    The Mental Health Association of San Francisco cultivates peer leadership, builds community and advances social justice in mental health.

    • Location:

      San Francisco

    • Focus:

      Mental health education, advocacy & research

  • Nonprofit

    Young Minds Advocacy

    We advocate to improve the mental healthcare system so that ALL young people and their families have access to the quality care they need and deserve.

    • Location:

      San Francisco

    • Focus:

      Helping youth access mental health services

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Next Steps

What happens after I donate?

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