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Getting started

How ALMA Works

Learn about how ALMA works and how to get started.

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ALMA Funds

A fund is around five nonprofits working on the same cause. We support all the nonprofits together, so you only have to pick a cause you care about. Each nonprofit in our funds are vetted and endorsed.

Join A Fund

Easily become a member by donating your time or money. Make a financial donation starting at $10/month.

With each donation you'll receive a tax receipt from a nonprofit in the fund, along with an impact report about how your donation helps that nonprofit.

At the end of each month ALMA divides all the money raised from monthly and one-time donations and splits it equally amongst the featured nonprofits. Your individual donation isn’t split, and if you give monthly you’ll get to support a different nonprofit each month.

Build Connections

Discover volunteer opportunities and meet the ALMA community. Get invited to local events and gatherings. Volunteer, join a board, meet your neighbors.