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Smart giving

Portfolio of impact
Support a range of local nonprofits with one donation. The funds are curated by experts from government, academia and on the ground.

Donate like an expert
We do the research. Each nonprofit is vetted and endorsed.

Manageable and meaningful
Give a small amount each month and watch your impact grow.

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Simple impact

Transparent & tangible
Get a monthly report on the impact of your donation.

Streamlined communications
You control if charities get your contact info, so say goodbye to unwanted mail and solicitations.

One tax receipt
No more digging around at the end of the year, we have all your donations in one place.

ALMA on iPhone
ALMA on iPhone

Get connected

Be informed
Understand more about the issues your community faces with articles and news.

Join in
Get invited to local events and gatherings. Volunteer, join a board, meet your neighbors.

Influence Change
Do something meaningful. Start creating the legacy you want to leave.

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