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FAQs about ALMA

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How do I donate a custom amount?

We’ve helped individuals make custom donations ranging from a $17.33 donation from the proceeds of a bake sale, to gifts of $10,000+ from corporate donations.

Email us at and we’ll get you set up quickly.

Can I mail a check?

The easiest way to make a donation is through our online payment platform! You can donate with credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. All payments are securely handled through Stripe, a payment processor that works with millions of businesses and nonprofits around the world.

That said, if you’d like to mail a check or pay with ACH, email us at so we can share instructions.

I’d like to make a donation as a gift or in honor of someone. Can ALMA send an acknowledgement?

Yep! Many people have already used ALMA as a way to give meaningful gifts to friends, family, or colleagues.

Just make a donation as you normally would, and then click 'Make this donation a gift' from your donation history.

Will I get a tax receipt?

You bet. ALMA will issue a tax receipt on behalf of the nonprofit after every donation. You’ll receive an email with all the necessary information, plus all your tax receipts will be stored in the “My Account” section of ALMA’s website and app.

Between Jan 1st and Jan 31st we'll email you a summary receipt of all your donations through ALMA from the previous year.

How can I use ALMA for corporate matching?

If you’re an employee, many employers simply require a tax receipt as evidence of a donation. You’ll get a receipt after every donation on ALMA which you can then upload. We’re hoping to build more sophisticated integrations into workplace giving systems in coming months.

If you’re an employer, we can work with you to setup a matching program that is best for your business. Email us at to get started.

About ALMA

How did ALMA get its name?

In Latin, the word ‘alma’ means kind, fostering, and nourishing. It’s also a nod to a woman we admire, Alma Spreckels, known as the “the great-grandmother of San Francisco”. She was one of the first and most important philanthropists in San Francisco.

What type of organization is ALMA?

We are a Public Benefits Corporation (“PBC”) headquartered in Washington, DC. Our status a PBC means we have a legal obligation to uphold our promise of prioritizing social impact. We believe ALMA should be a self-sustainable business in order to we can have the most impact for our nonprofit partners.

ALMA is not itself a 501(c)3 charity. We partner with 501(c)3s to facilitate donations.