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4 Ways Your Business Can Give Back

Today’s employees are mission driven and want to work for companies that match their values.

Rather than swag, give the gift of a donation. Donations through ALMA are great for:

  • Holiday gifts for employees & clients
  • “Employee of the month” recognition
  • Engaging your customer base in charitable giving
  • Corporate grants to nonprofits
  • Donation matching

Social Good > Swag

Rather than swag ("stuff we all get"), give a unique gift this year by making donations in honor of your employees or clients. Whether searching for end of the year gifts, or recognizing top employees, celebrate in an impactful way.

Donate to a favorite nonprofit, or give a gift card to allow the recipient to choose a charity of their choice.

Corporate Grants for Good

Show your corporate values by supporting likeminded organizations. Set up a corporate grant to make a meaningful gift through ALMA.

For example, ALMA has helped tech companies stand behind Digital Privacy campaigns, advertising firms create custom Diversity in Advertising campaigns, and more.

Grant any amount up to $10,000 through our website, or contact us to discuss larger grants.

Build Your Own Campaign

Create a custom campaign for your organization. Select nonprofits to support, and customize the campaign with your company’s logo and information. You'll also have the option to match donations contributed to your campaign, up to a certain limit.

Share your campaign with employees or customers to see your collective impact grow!

Match Donations

Let your employees know you’ll be matching donations. Match donations (up to a certain amount, if desired), for a specific nonprofit, donations made to your custom fund, or match any donations made by your employees.

Want to make large corporate donation? Contribute via check? Need more assistance? Reach out to one of our gift concierges here.