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Tue Sep 04 2018

Announcing: A Greener San Francisco

ALMA's latest fund features 4 top nonprofits protecting the environment in San Francisco. Get involved if you're a fan of bike lanes, biodiversity or keeping this city by the bay beautiful.


By some estimates, the Bay Area will be home to an additional two million new residents by 2040, further burdening the city's environment and infrastructure.

We’re proud to launch our second fund, A Greener San Francisco, featuring top local nonprofits helping to make the city more sustainable.

Sustainability, of course, is a multifaceted issues, with no single solution. We’ve identified a range of nonprofits that together reduce our impact from daily activities, increase awareness of environmental issues, and advocate for a greener future. The fund represents a range of strategies - from bike lanes to take cars off the road, to protecting native plants and wildlife, to connecting locals with their natural environment.

This features these four top nonprofits:

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition: Transforming San Francisco streets and neighborhoods by promoting bicycling. This nonprofit one of the largest and most effective bicycle advocacy groups in the country.

Friends of the Urban Forest: Planting and caring for urban trees. Did you know? Friends of the Urban Forest has planted over 60,000 trees, nearly half of San Francisco's tree canopy. This nonprofit has transformed the streets of the city.

Nature In the City: Wildlife habitat restoration, connecting locals with nature & open space advocacy. Get involved with this nonprofit by joining a free guided nature walk.

Literacy for Environmental Justice: Urban greening and restoring native habitats in Southeast San Francisco, which is home to more than two-thirds of San Francisco’s pollution sources. This nonprofit provides education, leadership, and park stewardship for youth and young adults in Bayview Hunters Point

By joining ALMA's fund to create a Greener San Francisco, you can support all these organizations at once. One month, your donation may support a tree planting while another month you might be connecting a low income teenager with nature.

Get started by downloading the ALMA app on iOS or Android today.